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Newsletter 28th May 2021

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The importance of Well being

We now have a well being display with lots of advice and information about the importance of well being in school and how important it is to check on friends and colleagues daily. Our school council reps will share the information with their class and encourage them to take a look. It will be updated regularly and children’s work will be added. CA39FE70-FF25-4E14-A30F-879B2684A517

Meetings 2020

The school council continue to meet on a weekly basis. We are currently discussing having pupil notice boards in every class and what info will be put on them.

Thanks to all members for their valuable contributions. 

Date for your diary

The next school council meeting will be on Monday 11th November at 1pm. We’ll be  discussing the Children in Need cake sale.

Welcome to our new school council reps

Here are our new representatives for the school year. They have already been busy attending our shared vision meeting and we have met to discuss the impact racism has on society and how as a school we say NO to racism. IMG_1340

Shared Vision

Thank you to the new school council reps for attending our shared vision meeting. Your contribution to the future of our school is very valued. You all had some brilliant ideas! You remembered so many of our achievements over the last year especially winning the Gregg Cup!Hope you enjoyed the sweet treats and juice.  D37997F5-5328-4B41-8F18-2671D121C6CA

School Council visit to The Council House

Today all the School Council reps visited the Council House in Derby. We had a private tour of this wonderful 1930s building. It was extensively renovated in 2012 and we had the opportunity to visit the main public areas, the very impressive council chamber, the Mayor’s Parlour and civic areas. It was a very interesting and educational day.E8C3E73F-10FD-432E-9718-D507C79FD31E

Red Nose Day 2019

Thank you to all School Council representatives for collecting in the donations and totalling up the money. The total currently stands at £146.00 thank for your donations.


Garden gang!

The  School Council reps were very busy today helping to keep our beautiful planters tidy and watered. Thank you for your help and hard work.72C8783A-FBCF-4652-A8C8-5F2A9C6E01F1

Welcome to our new representatives

Here are our new school council reps for this year. We continue to meet on a Monday afternoon at 2.30. They are a great team and we already have some exciting things to discuss and plan.409AE151-4C07-4C47-AEE6-41E3F22B1061

Robin Hood record

If anyone likes dressing up, supporting charity and spending time with family and friends this could be for you 😊