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I would like to extend a very warm welcome to our school website. We are incredibly proud of the site which is very interactive and lets us keep you up to date with what's going on around our school, as well as letting you comment and get involved.

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A huge thank you to the P.T.F.A. from Class 4!

We had a super time this afternoon, celebrating earning all of our class merits with a Christmas film and lots of delicious goodies from the P.T.F.A. Thank you so much from Class 4! :)


Welly Tuesday!

What a lovely morning we had!

Today we thought about the animals that live on our school field and also Santa's reindeer who will hopefully be visiting soon.  We made some bird food/reindeer food mixture and used our parachute to deliver it onto the field!  What fun!


We then made footprints in the flour - we thought it looked like snow - we then wished really hard for snow - we crossed all our toes and fingers!


Christmas Tree of Hope

Class 4’s Tree of Hope has had a festive makeover!


Class 4’s Christmas Scene

We’ve had a busy and very festive week in Class 4 so far. Here the children are using their paint blending and paper cutting skills to create a super wintry scene...




Class 1 Waterproofing Investigation

To finish our topic on 'Materials' our Year 1 scientists carried out an investigation to find out which materials might help Peppa Pig and her friends to stay dry when they are jumping up and down in muddy puddles. We found out that plastic bags and cellophane are waterproof and newspaper and tissue paper are not. We had fun making our predictions, carrying out our investigation and talking about our results. Well done Class 1!

Waterproof collage

Christmas Treat Boxes

Thanks to our wonderful PTFA each class today received a ‘Treat Box’ . Crisps, boxed drinks and sweet treats were delivered to each class ready to enjoy this week as a reward for all the hard work our children have done this term . 
The PTFA fund lots of treats in our school , including £1000 this term for new books , our Christmas glow in the dark activity day on Wednesday and of course our treat boxes for the children to enjoy this week . 
If you can support them in any way it is greatly appreciated. Raffle tickets are on sale online and sponsoring your child to race to Rudolf will all help generate funds which will support your child’s learning in school . 
I would like to take this opportunity to thank our hardworking PTFA led by our Chairperson, Katie Ufton, for all their hard work this year and for their creativity in finding new ways to raise funds -their  time and efforts are appreciated in school very much . 

Smalley Village Advent Calendar


If you passed by school today you will probably have noticed that the school wall has been decorated with lots of letters to Father Christmas!
As part of this year’s celebrations Smalley village have put together a village advent calendar and Richardson Endowed Primary School were allocated the 14th -today ! 
As we are situated next to the village post box we decided our theme would be ‘Letters to Father Christmas ‘ 

Thank you to all the children for their super handwriting and hard work and to Mrs Shaw and Mrs Drury who put it all together out in the cold this morning. 

Happy Christmas everyone from all the adults and children at Richardson Endowed Primary  School. 


Phase 3 tricky words

I'm a big believer in the power of song - not only for enjoyment and enrichment but to help to learn facts and new words.

Here are two songs which sing the Phase 3 tricky words.

We have been listening to them in Class R to help us to learn the tricky words. 

They're not going to trick us are they children?



Here is a link of short videos to help to revise the phase two phonemes:


Here is a link of short videos to help to revise the phase three phonemes:


Here are some brilliant interactive games to help with the different sounds in the phases of phonics:



Christmas is a coming...!



Over the last few weeks, we've been very busy getting ready for Christmas in Class R:


Wonderful Welly Wednesdays


This term - I think it is safe to say that Welly Wednesday has certainly made a splash and been a huge hit!  The children have been brilliant and they have enjoyed putting their puddle suits and wellies on and going out to explore our wonderful environment.  We have learnt so much about the environment and about one another.  We've explored how the seasons have changed from late Summer to early Autumn and then into late Autumn and observed how our environment has changed over that time.  Next year will bring Winter, Spring and early Summer - we can't wait to explore more and more and see what delights Mother Nature offers us.

Thank you children for your enthusiasm, enjoyment and energy - just brilliant!