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I would like to extend a very warm welcome to our school website. We are incredibly proud of the site which is very interactive and lets us keep you up to date with what's going on around our school, as well as letting you comment and get involved.

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The Embark Award.

The Embark Award is part of the Trust’s wider offer to our children here at Richardson Endowed. 

Your child has been given a folder in school with 100 activities in to enable them to access a number of experiences before they leave us at age 11. 

The Embark Award is designed such that the children can carry out the activities at home or in school . They are linked to our core beliefs of Family, Integrity, Teamwork and Success! 
If you feel your child has achieved one of the activities please send evidence, such as a photograph, to Google Classroom where they will be given the appropriate sticker to mark off their achievement in their luxury folder. 

We hope that in the future folders will be able to come back and forth between home and school but at this time it is not possible. Therefore, please refer to all the information below, which is from the folder in school.

The EMBARK Award (Please click on this link here to access the full details of the award.)

The children are so excited about this new project so please encourage and enjoy some new experiences together. 


What a busy last few weeks!

Looking through these photographs, I can see that through our play we've learned so much, explored so much and

become a Class R Team together - thank you children for a wonderful first half term.  

You really have done so well to settle into your new BIG school - well done!



Take care, stay safe and we'll see you after the holidays!

Mice on Tour!

The mice have loved their first term at school with you children and I am so impressed with how you have looked after them and shown them how to behave at school.  Here are some of their newest adventures to share, including a very kind doctor mouse:


Squeak went with Noah to take cute little Darcie on her very first walk to a Tractor and Pumpkin Farm Adventure Park - what fun!  Noah also received a letter and card from his buddy and can't wait to write back!  Look at how he has practised his phonics and writing - wonderful!

IMG_9446Grey Mouse has been helping Ralph to settle in his new fish into their tank - well done - I love how proud you look!

IMG_9450 2

Dino Mouse sent me this beautiful montage of photographs from his adventures with Charlie at Hardwick Hall - such a lovely place to visit with your family.


Hugo and his mouse enjoyed six Halloween themed parties over the weekend - Hugo you look amazing and I love your decorations and spooky food!

Here is Freddie Mouse looking after his patient whilst he has been poorly - I think I'm going to call him Doctor Freddie Mouse from now on - get better soon Noah, we miss you.


Thank you as always for the beautiful photographs.  Please send me any half term photos from your half term adventures - Puzzle will be joining me for some rest and relaxation over the holidays and H will be joining Mrs Straw! I wonder what they'll get up to?

See you next half term for more really 'mice' adventures!


Lunch Menu November 2020 - April 2021

Please click here to view the Lunch Menu November 2020 - April 2021

Themed Lunch Menu
Theme days and promotions are very popular with children as they enjoy trying different dishes from around the world.
We hold theme days throughout the school year with the aim of making lunch times a little different.
Please click on the links below to view the themed menus for next term. 

Thursday 5th November 2020

Monday 9th November 2020


The children enjoyed their muddy welly stomp this afternoon and creating their muddy handprints - they even found some puddles to splash in (hurray)!  


The children finished off their Welly Wednesday with a gorgeous story all about keeping clean - what fun!

1907167._UY630_SR1200 630_
1907167._UY630_SR1200 630_The children wondered what a nail brush was and could see why they might need one after all that muddy fun!

Puzzle makes lunch!

We were very surprised this morning to find that Puzzle had left us a magnetic letter note and had made me lunch...


Thank you so much for trying Puzzle and what a lovely surprise!


Puzzle needed a little bit of help with what made a healthy lunch didn't he children?


Can you tell Mummy or Daddy what you would pack in your healthy lunch?


Year 4 Clay Portraits

Continuing with our 3D focus in Art, Class 4 have been creating clay portraits to link with the characters in the stories they’ve been busy writing for our Reconnect theme. Here are photos of work in progress and a few finished articles too!

5623CF6C-1495-44F4-9E24-9808FC812836 303AEA19-9F4F-4E89-9799-43B036616A2A

Keeping healthy

What a lovely start to our 'What keeps us healthy?' week - thank you children.


Google Classroom

Please click here to view information on how to use Google Classroom.

Looking after our wellbeing

We're so pleased to be here in school supporting the children, staff and community in keeping mentally (and physically) healthy and we understand that children, like adults, need to talk now more than ever. We're here for the children and we keep checking in on their wellbeing. It's good to talk and, as we approach the end of term already, let's keep the conversation going, keep supporting each other, keep sharing our thoughts, fears, worries, hopes and dreams. We love having all of the children back in school and we love seeing their resilience, hope, positivity and emotional intelligence. Be kind, be accepting, be patient and care for yourselves and each other :)

Mental Health girl- flat image