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Letters and Sounds

Letters and Sounds with Mrs Evans

4A82A232-DA80-4B7D-ACD8-996F91170068What a busy week so far! We have been using phoneme fans and magnetic lettters to help us learn sounds and spell words.

Some children have been reading Phase 2 decodable words and writing them on whiteboards.

Here are some of those words: got, mum, his, big, not, him,dad and get. 

The seven ways of spelling /ee/ Phase 6




Letters & Sounds Challenge

Yesterday we tried to find as many words in 




The longest ones we have found so far have six letters - yippee and Christ.

Can you find a longer word?  Make a comment or bring your word in on a piece of paper. 

There's a prize for the longest word found!

Letters and Sounds phase 6


Follow this link to practise the Year 2 exception words:



Follow this link to practise the Year 3/4 exception words:



Letters & Sounds phase 6

Free-trial_robot_iconsMuch fun had with this website this week, as we have been investigating the ways to make the 'dge' phoneme:


Practise using the games to help you learn the spelling and the definition of the word.

Phase 6 Letters & Sounds Week beginning 12.11.18


This week in our phonics and spelling session, we have been investigating the homophones 'to, too and two' and identifying when to use which one.

We have also investigated other homophones and explained the meaning of each word. Here a few games to help you to practise this skill:



To earn a merit, choose 5 different homophones and write a sentence to show you understand the difference between the words.

read / red steel / steal tour / tore
rose / rows
weather / whether mist / missed hi / high cereal / serial
scent / cent / sent bread / bred dye / die Board / bored
not / knot site / sight higher / hire mind / mined
sawed / sword would / wood break / brake tire / tyre
heard / herd some / sum air / heir groan / grown
piece / peace none / nun allowed / aloud road / rowed
be / B / bee root / route whale / wail so / sew / sow
he'll / heal / heel flower / flour toes / tows soul / sole
which / witch bear / bare deer / dear bite / byte
here / hear  

Well done children!

Phase 4 Letters and Sounds with Mrs Drury

This week we have been looking at real and nonsense words with the trigraph  igh.

Can you sort the following words into real and nonsense groups? Good luck!


jight, high, might, quight, tight, moonlight, dight, midnight, bright, gight, fright, sunlight




Phase 6 Letters and Sounds


This week, we are recapping our knowledge of the spelling rules we have learnt so far.

Please follow this link to help you:


Phase 6 Letters and Sounds

This week we have been investigating the spelling of words which have the sound /zh/ in them, as well as feather, heather, leather, weather.



Phase 4 Letters and Sounds with Mrs Drury

This week we have been looking at final blends. Everyone worked hard cutting and sticking letters to spell cvcc words. Here are the ones we practised.


mp, st, lt, nt, sk    Have fun playing the game.