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Letters and Sounds

Phase 4 Letters and Sounds with Mrs Drury

This week we have been looking at real and nonsense words with the trigraph  igh.

Can you sort the following words into real and nonsense groups? Good luck!


jight, high, might, quight, tight, moonlight, dight, midnight, bright, gight, fright, sunlight




Phase 6 Letters and Sounds


This week, we are recapping our knowledge of the spelling rules we have learnt so far.

Please follow this link to help you:


Phase 6 Letters and Sounds

This week we have been investigating the spelling of words which have the sound /zh/ in them, as well as feather, heather, leather, weather.



Phase 4 Letters and Sounds with Mrs Drury

This week we have been looking at final blends. Everyone worked hard cutting and sticking letters to spell cvcc words. Here are the ones we practised.


mp, st, lt, nt, sk    Have fun playing the game.


Phase 5 Letters and Sounds




Over the next two weeks we will be practising reading and writing words containing split digraphs. We will also continue reading and spelling high frequency words from the lists below. 



Phase 6 Letters & Sounds - adding the suffix 'ing'


We have been looking at verbs and adding the suffix 'ing'.

Can you speak through these verbs at home and explain what you would do before adding ing?



Letters and Sounds in Class R

Super learning in class R in our Letters and Sounds lessons. We have learnt lots of sounds and actions from Phase 2 already and have been practising writing them on whiteboards. 


Phase 4 Letters and Sounds with Mrs Drury

This week we have been practising writing and spelling our tricky words. Here are the words we have been learning;

so, do, little, come, some, were, there, one, have, said (remember- Sally Ann is Dancing)

Thank you for your super listening and learning.


Letters and Sounds phase 6

We have been reading, writing and learning to spell the common exception words.  

Can you practise them at home too?


Letters and Sounds phase 6

With Mr Barwise, the children have been learning about the 'o' phoneme after a letter w and how often it's spelt with an 'a':Image



Children with Mrs Reckless have been starting to practise some dictionary skills.  Here are a few fun games to try: