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Letters and Sounds

Letters and Sounds - information for grown ups

Today, the children and I looked at the characters in the Oxford Reading Tree books, we will meet them lots in our reading books:

ORT characters

Please look below for the videos that I mentioned in your child's reading diary today. I have also attached a downloadable booklet informing you about the progression in Letters and Sounds - usually in Class R children work on phase 2, 3 and 4 as the year progresses.  Letters and Sounds is the programme we use to teach your child synthetic phonics which helps your child to read and spell. Please, if you have any questions, contact us through the agreed channels - thank you.








Download Phonics A guide for parents

Phonics at home

I hope your child is enjoying the 'Teach your monster to read' app! Here is another useful site for helping children with their reading. https://www.phonicsbloom.com



Homophones - can you hear them?




Teach Your Monster to Read - Free Phonics App!



The Department for Education has recommended a list of apps to aid children's learning during Reception and KS1. To celebrate being included on this list one of the providers of these applications has made their app free on ipad, iphone and android device. This is a limited offer until the Friday 28th February. Tomorrow!

Click here for ipads and iphones

Click here for android apps

We have the app installed on all of the ipads within school and will be providing KS1 children with logins next week. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of this short limited time offer. Your child will then be able to login with the accounts provided to them next week.

Letters and Sounds phase 6




Phase 6


Letters and Sounds with Mrs Evans

The children are working very hard to form their letters correctly when writing phase 2 tricky words. 3A798DF1-8C64-4485-8607-F926091958FB

Phase 6 ing/ed/er/est


Practise some of the spelling rules we have been learning this week:


Letters and Sounds Phase 6

The present and past


We have been investigating what happens to the spelling of verbs when they are in the present and past tense by looking at the suffixes 'ing' and 'ed'.

Use this link to practise your understanding.





Letters and Sounds with Mrs Evans

4A82A232-DA80-4B7D-ACD8-996F91170068What a busy week so far! We have been using phoneme fans and magnetic lettters to help us learn sounds and spell words.

Some children have been reading Phase 2 decodable words and writing them on whiteboards.

Here are some of those words: got, mum, his, big, not, him,dad and get.