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Curriculum - Science

Opening of our School to all Pupils on 8th March 2021

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Class 1 Waterproofing Investigation

To finish our topic on 'Materials' our Year 1 scientists carried out an investigation to find out which materials might help Peppa Pig and her friends to stay dry when they are jumping up and down in muddy puddles. We found out that plastic bags and cellophane are waterproof and newspaper and tissue paper are not. We had fun making our predictions, carrying out our investigation and talking about our results. Well done Class 1!

Waterproof collage

Class 1 Scientists

In Science, Class 1 have been learning about their body and the 5 senses. Today we used our sense of sight, hearing and touch to investigate ice balloons. First we felt the ice balloons and described them. Then we predicted what would happen if we sprinkled salt over one of them and left the other to melt by itself. We left both ice balloons in the sunshine and observed them throughout the day. We found out that the balloon sprinkled with salt melted quicker than the one without. We talked about why this happened and why grit (a mixture of salt and sand) is scattered during the winter when there has been a frost or snow. A busy and fun filled day - thank you Class 1!

Ice Balloons


Our investigation

Will our boats FLOAT or SINK?

IMG_8243 3bb340117ec8939a839f53faaaf9fecb

Full of beans in Class 1

Our beanstalks have grown! We've given them water and sunlight and the seeds have grown roots, shoots and leaves. Great work Class 1.



Class R have been very busy learning about Robots!


Collage 2020-03-02 11_23_35

Collage 2020-03-02 11_22_03

In English we have been reading Harry and the Robots' and focusing our writing on labelling a robot. In Music Mrs Evans taught us a robot song and dance. In Science we made balancing robots with Mrs Foston. 

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