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Newsletter 28th May 2021

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This is an idea being shared through social media.

During the first lockdown, we all put rainbows in our windows. Due to the Remembrance Services being cancelled, why don't we all colour a poppy picture and display them in our windows?  Lest We Forget.

Please click on the link below to find some poppy colouring pages. It would be lovely to see our Smalley windows decorated.

Download Poppy colouring

Let's Pitch It Family! - with Gogglebox's Baasit Siddiqui

Don't forget this exciting competition involving the whole family - some great prizes are up for grabs! Remember, you have up until the 31st August, so plenty of time to make a start if you haven't already!

Pitch it Family flyer


Thank you for getting involved in this exciting workshop and competition. To get started WATCH THIS QUICK VIDEO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-24hzdNX9A&feature=youtu.be to help you download your copy of “Let’s Pitch It Family”.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD YOUR FILES: https://siddiqui-education.co.uk/shop/

The coupon code for your free copy was texted out to you by school.

Once you have downloaded your free copy, watch this video to know which files to open first: https://youtu.be/6LrM-vCcrWQ

If you have any questions about the workshop, please email baasit@siddiqui-education.co.uk with the subject heading “Let’s Pitch It Family Query” followed by the name of your child’s school.

Good luck and enjoy!

Many thanks,

Baasit Siddiqui

Director of Siddiqui Education Ltd.


Let’s Pitch It Family is a workshop and competition where your child and the whole family work together to plan and present an idea for a television show. The ideas are sent back to Baasit as a completed workbook and two-minute trailer before the 31st of August. The winning family will win some prizes including a meal with Baasit and his family! As stated above we are lucky enough to be able to bring this competition to you free of charge - we will text out the voucher code you will need at the checkout when downloading your files at Baasit's digital shop!

Get creative, good luck and have fun!

Year 6 World Book Day!

Class 6 have had a fantastic day dressing up as their favourite book characters.


We were also lucky enough to be the first class to work with the fabulous West End star Alastair Crosswell. We had a fantastic time learning all about the West End production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and great fun learning one of the Oompa Loompa dance routines!





Snow Challenges!

Can you think creatively and solve the following challenges? 

 Design a new vehicle that can travel through snow. 

Build different size/denisity snowballs and measure their melt times. 

Feed the Birds - in the snowy weather they need food. Try to hang food and put some on the ground so you can see which are ground feeders. Spend time identifying birds - they are lot easier to see against the snowy background. Sketch the birds, so you can identify them later at school (if no access to bird books or internet). Spend 30 mins watching the birds, count them, plot bar charts etc. 

101 creative uses of a sledge 

What is the best shape for a snow house. You want to build a snow house, but it takes a lot of time and a lot of snow. What shape house should you build to get the most floor area for the least amount of effort? What other ideas do you have? If you could build it against a wall (i.e. one side already made for you) what shape would you build? 

 Be creative and answer any of the 5 challenges above. Post pictures/comments as answers. 

Embark Federation - Forest schools training

All staff from Embark Federation received excellent training last night on Forest Schools/Outdoor Learning.

This was led by our very own Mr Goodburn at Kilburn Juniors and it was such an inspiring session that even the rain didn't dampen our spirits!

The staff took part in a number of well thought out activities that suit the outdoors rather than the classroom. What made the session even better was the enthusiasm of all of our staff and the creative thinking of how these can be adapted and used for different subjects and ages.

This is all part of our commitment to give our pupils a wide range of opportunities and a first class education.

Huge thank you to Mr Goodburn and all our staff for a memorable training session.

Enjoy the pictures below!

Embark Federation - Forest schools training

Embark Federation - Forest schools training

Brass Concert


Fantastic brass performance this afternoon, well done!

20170706_145341[1] 20170706_145414[1] 20170706_145517[1] 20170706_145718[1]  20170706_145737[1]

Viking Art!


Class 6 working together to produce some lovely Viking Art!

Murder Mystery!


Class 6 took part in a 'Murder Mystery' event at Heanor Gate school this week. Lots of budding CSIs!

And the mystery was solved!

English - drama - 'Voices in the Park'

Class 6 have been looking at 'Voices in the Park' in English lessons. We have been busy practising a performance for each 'voice'.


Brilliant Derby! Random Acts of Kindness

Class 6 took part in a world record attempt for the most random acts of kindness in a day. This was their final session with the author Andy Cope in a bid to make Derby the happiest place in the world!