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Snow Challenges!

Can you think creatively and solve the following challenges? 

 Design a new vehicle that can travel through snow. 

Build different size/denisity snowballs and measure their melt times. 

Feed the Birds - in the snowy weather they need food. Try to hang food and put some on the ground so you can see which are ground feeders. Spend time identifying birds - they are lot easier to see against the snowy background. Sketch the birds, so you can identify them later at school (if no access to bird books or internet). Spend 30 mins watching the birds, count them, plot bar charts etc. 

101 creative uses of a sledge 

What is the best shape for a snow house. You want to build a snow house, but it takes a lot of time and a lot of snow. What shape house should you build to get the most floor area for the least amount of effort? What other ideas do you have? If you could build it against a wall (i.e. one side already made for you) what shape would you build? 

 Be creative and answer any of the 5 challenges above. Post pictures/comments as answers. 

Embark Federation - Forest schools training

All staff from Embark Federation received excellent training last night on Forest Schools/Outdoor Learning.

This was led by our very own Mr Goodburn at Kilburn Juniors and it was such an inspiring session that even the rain didn't dampen our spirits!

The staff took part in a number of well thought out activities that suit the outdoors rather than the classroom. What made the session even better was the enthusiasm of all of our staff and the creative thinking of how these can be adapted and used for different subjects and ages.

This is all part of our commitment to give our pupils a wide range of opportunities and a first class education.

Huge thank you to Mr Goodburn and all our staff for a memorable training session.

Enjoy the pictures below!

Embark Federation - Forest schools training

Embark Federation - Forest schools training

Brass Concert


Fantastic brass performance this afternoon, well done!

20170706_145341[1] 20170706_145414[1] 20170706_145517[1] 20170706_145718[1]  20170706_145737[1]

Viking Art!


Class 6 working together to produce some lovely Viking Art!

Murder Mystery!


Class 6 took part in a 'Murder Mystery' event at Heanor Gate school this week. Lots of budding CSIs!

And the mystery was solved!

English - drama - 'Voices in the Park'

Class 6 have been looking at 'Voices in the Park' in English lessons. We have been busy practising a performance for each 'voice'.


Brilliant Derby! Random Acts of Kindness

Class 6 took part in a world record attempt for the most random acts of kindness in a day. This was their final session with the author Andy Cope in a bid to make Derby the happiest place in the world!




Sharing our practice!

Mrs Shaw and I had the pleasure of attending Howitt Primary after school yesterday to lead their Shared Vision session.

We received a very warm welcome from their pupils, staff, governors and parents who between them came up with some excellent ideas which were captured expertly by Mrs Shaw.

It was a privilege as always to work with Mrs Rhodes again who'd invited us. It is always an honour to share the best practice here at Smalley with others.

Here are just a few pictures below.

Sharing our practice!

Sharing our practice!

Sharing our practice!

Sharing our practice!

I'll name that chicken in 1!

We have had a fabulous first week back at school and so have our new arrivals!

The children arrived back this week to the surprise of seeing that we are now the home to six new chickens.

They have settled very quickly and are already laying eggs.

It has been lovely to see children, staff, parents and grandparents go over to the chickens and meet them over the course of the week.

A huge thank you to the team that gave up their holidays to ensure the chickens have a fabulous new home.

Also, thank you to the PTFA for providing the funding for this.

They have been an instant hit!

The children were set a challenge by Miss Tulley today to name the chickens.

The names will be announced in due course alongside a picture so we can all call them by name!

What a brilliant start to the new year! Enjoy some pictures below!

I'll name that chicken in 1!

I'll name that chicken in 1!

I'll name that chicken in 1!

I'll name that chicken in 1!

I'll name that chicken in 1!

Year 6 Bike Ride 2016!

We took our Year 6 children for a 13 mile bike ride on Monday in our beautiful Derbyshire countryside as a reward for all their hard work this year.

The children had a brilliant time and enjoyed being outdoors together again.

A huge thank you to all our staff and the parents who came to support us on the day.

Also, massive thanks to Mrs. Evans who met us halfway with gorgeous home made cakes! This was much needed and enjoyed by all.

This is a fabulous tradition here at Smalley and one that was enjoyed by all.

Bring on the bike ride 2017.....I hope year 5 work hard to earn this reward!

Year 6 Bike Ride 2016!

Year 6 Bike Ride 2016!

Year 6 Bike Ride 2016!

Year 6 Bike Ride 2016!