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Class R

Book week begins!

What a great start to Book week! Class R bookworms started their week by choosing a book when they arrived in school on Monday morning then Mr Redmond led a whole school assembly to tell the children about events and special visitors that will be visiting during the week.

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Book Week 2019

Please click here to see details about Book Week.

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Happy Half Term!

Sooty and Sweep! 

Last week Mason inspired us to hold a puppet show by sharing his love of Sooty and Sweep! Here are the children enjoying playing puppet shows in class. We had an alternative take on The Very Hungry Caterpillar from Max and Mason. 

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The Big Playground!!!

We are getting so grown up now in Class R and will soon be having our playtimes on the big playground with Year 1 and 2. As it was such a beautiful day on Friday we thought we could enjoy the sunshine and the big open space! 

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Thank you Class R for a super half term. Have a lovely break and see you soon! 


Blessed with talent

Thank you so much - you made me smile as I came through the hall at the end of assembly today.  How lucky we are to hear such lovely talent - thank you.



Baking time in class r

This week Class R read the book ‘Jolly Snow’ by Jane Hissey. In the story Jolly Tall the giraffe is longing to see real snow. All of his friends try to help Jolly Tall by recreating types of pretend snow! They make paper snow, bubble snow, feather snow and finally biscuit snow, just before the real snow comes. This inspired us to make some snowflake biscuits of our own. 

During our baking we have learnt about recipes and some of the words we use, like method and ingredients. Before we started our baking we had to put the method into the correct order as it was all jumbled up! We were amazed to watch the changes as the ingredients turned into a dough! I think the best part of our baking was the final part- eating it!!! Well done Class R for your super listening which is very important when following instructions :-) 7CD5B4A3-E7FF-40AC-8B1B-38C5B07F531C 2606EE16-357A-47D9-82D0-5C425CEAD727 B711DF89-F8F7-4B13-8A25-D383049DDEA2

Reading in our igloo

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Super learning in class R!

Wow! What a fantastic few weeks we have had in Class R with our learning. We have read a brand new story all about a mischievous ice cube called Ice Boy who wanted to go on an outside adventure, even though his parents told him ‘never, ever go outside!’... the whole class were left waiting to find out what happened to Ice Boy as we closed the book and made our predictions! It was so exciting and we really wanted to know! We had to hide the book in the cupboard to make sure no one peeked! 


ED46A9AB-49FF-4382-94E8-6C28ACD9D704 8011897E-DB47-4062-ADE1-9AF362C15CE8Our story about Ice Boy linked very well with what we then discovered in our outdoor area... lots and lots of ice! We have been talking this week about how ice is made and what happens to ice if it gets warm. 


As well as our brilliant English and Science learning, we have also been practising our amazing maths. We have been learning about addition. We have been using ice cubes, cups and numicon to practise adding two numbers together and finding the total. 

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And finally- thank you for all of your milk bottles! We now have our own igloo that we have enjoyed sitting in and reading some books. Hopefully our igloo won’t melt! :-) 


Reading in our new library!

Class R have been enjoying their new library this week. We have had a brand new bookcase to keep all of our beautiful books tidy and well looked after, meaning that we can enjoy them for as long as possible. Each week we will have a class librarian who will have the responsibility of keeping the library tidy, checking for damaged books and choosing some new books to put out on the display shelf. There are so many books to choose from! What is your favourite book? 


Winter fun!


Little hands were cold today when exploring ice in the water tray. The sparkly salt was used for drawing and writing wintery words in. All we need now is some real snow!