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Wider Opening of School

Please click on the link below to view a letter regarding the wider opening of school. 

Wider opening of school 29th May 2020

The Great Smalley Bake Off - Week 3!

Hi Everyone!

It seems lots of you have been out enjoying the lovely sunshine this week and are saving your baking for those cold and rainy days. However, the grown ups have been busy so here are our bakes this week.....

JacobPlease continue to send in your bakes over the next couple of weeks, we love to see them.

Happy Half Term Everyone! xxx



Class R - Outdoor Learning 22nd May

Good morning Class R! What a busy week! I hope you have enjoyed outdoor week as much as I have enjoyed planning the activities for you all :-) 

Last night when I was fetching my washing in, I made an interesting discovery! An insect has been very busy laying eggs on my clothes!


After some researching, we discovered that it was the eggs of a type of Shield Bug. It obviously thought my clothes were a perfect place to lay the eggs that will hatch into babies. I found it really interesting and wanted to find out more so I have done some reading- this is what I found!



  • Shield bugs are also called STINK bugs! Ew! This is because if they are disturbed or touched, they release a nasty smell!
  • The bugs can be seen lots in England and Wales but not so much in Scotland. 
  • They are bright green in Spring and Summer but turns a brown colour in Autumn.
  • Adult shield bugs hibernate over Winter in grass or leaves and appear in May. 
  • Females lay eggs in clusters (little groups) and the babies hatch. The babies are called nymphs. They don't have wings and they crawl between plants to feed on sap. Both adult and baby bugs suck sap from plants. 
  • They turn into adults in September, just before they go into hibernation. 

I hope you enjoyed my facts- I found them out by reading on the RSPB website. 

For today's activity I wonder if you would like to find out about an insect that lays eggs. You could draw a picture, take a photo and find out some facts with your grown up. You could make a poster about your chosen bug! 

Here are a few that lay eggs to get you started: butterfly, moth, ladybird, slugs, snails...

Have fun and keep your eyes looking for eggs in your garden!!!



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Class R - Home Learning 21st May - OUTDOOR CLASSROOM DAY

Good morning Class R! I hope you are enjoying outdoor week so far! 



For us in Reception, we spend a lot of our time and learning outdoors, we are very lucky. Something that we do at school sometimes is build dens! Although this is a team activity and we would be working with our friends, I wondered today if you could work with your grown ups and siblings (if you have some) and build a cool den in your garden! Once your den is finished, you could take some books or toys in there and have a cosy, outdoor play and read! 

When I was a little girl, I loved making dens with my brother and sister. We would use old bed sheets, blankets, cushions, pegs, chairs and my mum's washing line! But you can use whatever you can find! The possibilities are endless. 

I hope you have lots of fun making a den! Send me some photos if you would like.

If you'd like to read more about OUTDOOR CLASSROOM DAY then visit here: https://outdoorclassroomday.org.uk/ 

Our Home Learning

Yesterday Ellis sent a photo of him and his brother Max. They hired the cricket pitches to go and play with their family. They are heading back there today as Ellis' Mummy said she needs some more practise :-). Great to see you all having fun outside!



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Class R - Outdoor Learning 20th May WORLD BEE DAY!

Good morning everyone! What another beautiful day it is going to be!


Thank you for your messages of home learning photos. It's really lovely to see you all growing up too! Next time we meet you will all be taller! 


Keeping fit, moving and having fun is so important at the moment and this is the time of year where we would be having our school PE outdoors. Today I would like you to play an outdoor sport, ride your bike, play a game or even invent your own outdoor game! (Remember to keep sun safe though and put some sun cream on, wear sunglasses and a hat). Let me know what you chose to do outside and send some photos if you'd like. 

Today is also WORLD BEE DAY 2020!

World bee day

This year the theme of World Bee Day is'SAVE THE BEES'. Bees are so important in keeping our world healthy and happy and we must protect them wherever we can. In my garden I have lots of flowers, plants and trees where the bees can collect pollen. I also have a few bee houses where the solitary bees (bees that live alone) lay their baby (larvae) and leave them there with some food for when they are ready to hatch. There are lots and lots of types of bees and not all bees sting. Solitary bees don't sting at all and most other bees will not sting if you are calm around them. So BEE careful! 

I wonder if you have any areas in your gardens that the bees love? 

Here is a colouring sheet you could do outside: View this photo

If you'd like to find out more about bees before you head outside to explore: https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000fstf/lets-go-for-a-walk-series-1-7-bees-and-compost-walk 


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Let's Pitch It Family! - with Gogglebox's Baasit Siddiqui

Exciting news! We have been working closely with Gogglebox's Baasit Siddiqui and can now announce details of an exciting competition involving the whole family - some great prizes are up for grabs!

Pitch it Family flyer


Thank you for getting involved in this exciting workshop and competition. To get started WATCH THIS QUICK VIDEO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-24hzdNX9A&feature=youtu.be to help you download your copy of “Let’s Pitch It Family”.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD YOUR FILES: https://siddiqui-education.co.uk/shop/

The coupon code for your free copy will be texted out to you by school.

Once you have downloaded your free copy, watch this video to know which files to open first: https://youtu.be/6LrM-vCcrWQ

If you have any questions about the workshop, please email baasit@siddiqui-education.co.uk with the subject heading “Let’s Pitch It Family Query” followed by the name of your child’s school.

Good luck and enjoy!

Many thanks,

Baasit Siddiqui

Director of Siddiqui Education Ltd.


Let’s Pitch It Family is a workshop and competition where your child and the whole family work together to plan and present an idea for a television show. The ideas are sent back to Baasit as a completed workbook and two-minute trailer before the 31st of August. The winning family will win some prizes including a meal with Baasit and his family! As stated above we are lucky enough to be able to bring this competition to you free of charge - we will text out the voucher code you will need at the checkout when downloading your files at Baasit's digital shop!

Get creative, good luck and have fun!

Class R - Outdoor Learning 19th May

Good morning! I hope you enjoyed the activity yesterday. 

Ruby went exploring for creatures and critters and sent these photos of what she found! 


Mrs Evans loves being outdoors in her garden, finding places to walk in the local area and riding pillion on a classic Lambretta Rallymaster scooter. 


Usually when we are in school we have lots of resources that we use when learning about numbers and counting, like posters, books, numberlines, flashcards or pictures. For outdoor week I'd like you to try and make some numbers and shapes using natural resources or things that you have found in the garden. Here are a few I have made to give you some ideas: 

Collage 2020-05-18 19_53_33

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Class R - Outdoor Learning - 18th May

Good morning Class R! I hope you have all enjoyed the weekend, it seems the lovely weather is back again and it is going to be a glorious week ahead. Just in time for our outdoor learning week!


I have spent a lot of time in my garden this weekend, pulling up weeds and making sure there are lots of wild areas for the nature and wildlife to enjoy. It got me thinking about the different creatures that we find in our gardens, from tiny ants all the way to big foxes!

Today I would like you to see if you can find any creatures in your garden and take some photographs if you do. You could find out some facts about your creatures too. After you've had a look, maybe have a go at making a wildlife area in your garden with help from a grown up. You don't need to buy things to make wildlife areas- lots of things you can find in your garden or whilst out on a walk. Here are some examples of what you could make:


Lots of these are made with recycled materials so this makes them even better for the environment. Whatever you decide, remember to work with a grown up and be safe when you are using scissors and sharp objects. Please send me some photos of your finished wildlife areas! I would love to see them. 


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Mrs Mason’s Monday Morning Message

Good morning children. I do hope you and your families are all keeping well. I miss seeing each and every one of you in our school every day and especially your smiles and hearing you laugh, play and learn together on our playgrounds and in our classrooms.

You have probably heard on the news and from your parents that some of you will soon be able to start back to school and that lots of people are arguing about this! At the moment there is lots to talk about so that we can all feel safe but I will be writing to both you and your parents as soon as I have more details. Until I can do that I don’t want you to worry but to keep working hard at home and enjoying this lovely sunshine.

Due to the lovely weather our theme this week is  ‘All things Outdoors!’ We want you to spend as much time as possible learning outside. Your teachers have planned lots of exciting activities for you and your family to get involved in because we know that some of you learn far better when you are outdoors! Also this week it is ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’ and being outside, keeping fit and healthy also helps you to keep happy too!

During the past few weeks while we were only allowed out once a day for exercise I went to Shipley Park many times on my bike. It was so beautiful to hear the birds sing and watch the flowers grow, especially as it was so quiet while everyone was at home. I took lots of photographs to share with you ! I hope you enjoy looking at them on this week’s little film. See if you can spot somewhere you have been in our wonderful country park. I’m sure you will enjoy this week’s song too. Make sure you sing along …… just like in our Monday morning Assembly!


The Great Smalley Bake Off - Week 2!

Once again you have amazed us with your baking skills! Thank you so much for all your efforts and sending in your photographs. Please continue to share your bakes over the next week using your class email, ready for another gallery next Friday.

Have a lovely weekend xx


R Bakes
R Bakes
R Bakes
R Bakes
R Bakes

Class R - Home Learning - 15th May

Good morning and happy Friday! The sun is shining again in time for the weekend. 

Today is our last day of our VE Day learning. I hope you have enjoyed the activities. Here are some for you to try today:

Have a discussion with your grown up about the very first VE day. Here is some information:

The first VE day

Can you imagine what it would have felt like to celebrate? Today's activity for you to try is to plan a pretend VE party. Create an invitation. Who would you invite? What food would you make? What decorations would you make? 

Creative- Download KS1 May Day Dancing Colouring Sheet

Download KS1 VE Day Colouring Page


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