Welcome to Richardson Endowed Primary School

Class 5

Pumpkin Parade 2019

Thank you to everyone who enjoyed this years Pumpkin Parade. Despite the rain, we still had a busy hall full of children, parents and carers looking at the wonderful creations and enjoying hot chocolate and cookies. 

Well done to all children who entered the competition and a special mention for the 3 winning pumpkins. It was very tricky to choose! 

Thank you to the PTFA for organising and running another fabulous event! 

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300 mugs on tour!

And they’re off to The Padley Centre - jingle jangling all the way! 


and they’ve arrived - all ready to be used for lunch. Thank you everyone for your kind harvest gift - together we’ll make a real difference. 


Harvest thanks and final total


Thank you so much to everyone involved in our Harvest assembly today - what great TEAMWORK! Together, everyone gave a valued contribution which shared our special Harvest message of thanks, working together and thinking of others.

Thank you for all of the kind donations of spare mugs which will head towards The Padley Centre in the next few days; luckily our assembly was 'smashing' for many reasons and not because of broken mugs!


MONDAY - 299 mugs + one more from Mrs Mason = 300 mugs to donate!

We are thrilled to announce that 300 mugs will be heading towards The Padley Centre this week - that's a whole days worth of hot drink containers for the homeless people of Derby - thank you.


Please help us and name all of your child’s uniform.

We have an abundance of unnamed uniform in our lost property box already. Please help us to return it to the rightful owner by naming all uniform with permanent pen or name labels. Thank you. A7FE9813-D506-4028-80DA-F9D4A75EEB32

Blue Peter Success

How wonderful to catch up with Theo and find out about his continuing Blue Peter badge collection. Here are the badges that were awarded for Theo's tennis playing and also for his cake baking to commemorate the Blue Peter tortoise retiring from the show.  Thank you for sharing Theo - which one will be next?  Toby told me that he is busy working towards his first Blue Peter badge too -   can't wait to see it Toby!


Year 5 Circle time with Mrs Evans

Our aim today was to have fun whilst developing skills needed to co-operate with others. We started with a game called Tangles to establish a feeling of co-operation followed by an activity called Factories. The children worked in groups to decide on a product to make and every member had a task that had to be mimed.We had fireworks, creme eggs, motorbikes, cars and toys.We finished our circle time with a Mexican wave! 63C48973-89D0-4682-8238-70B54CDB19E0

Compass Experts!



This week in Geography we have been continuing to develop our map reading skills. Using the points on a compass, the children were able to accurately give written directions and solve our map challenge.

If you are interested in learning more about compasses here is a link to the Ordnance Survey website full with information and online games.

What's in a name?

Today in History we have been exploring the names the Anglo-Saxons gave to places. Many of these stuck! Our very own Smalley means narrow (small) clearing (ley). Can you think of anymore examples?



Music to our ears

This year class 5 have the excellent opportunity to learn the ukulele! In our first 2 lessons we have been learning about Beat, Rhythm and Pitch. See if you can explain these pieces of musical terminology to someone at home.



Launching Space Week!


Today we launched the commemoration of 50 years since the first lunar landing with a visit from the Star Dome Planetarium and a special space picnic! 

Let us know what you thought of it by commenting below:


Thank you to our wonderful PTFA for funding this experience for all of our children today.

Can't wait to see what else we learn in Space Week - enjoy everyone!

To infinity and beyond!