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Class 4

Class 4- star of the week

Our star of the week is Elizabeth. She is a delight to teach and an excellent role model. Elizabeth achieved star of the week for her English writing. Her handwriting and presentation is flawless. Excellent use of paragraphs and her language implemented into her work  is astonishing. 


Class 4- star of the week

Our star of the week is Harley. He has worked extremely hard, very very attentive and engaging in lessons. Fantastic Harley keep it up! ⭐️ 815CBC36-83A4-4442-81F6-04E1A69DB2A0

Class 4 -Dance lesson

 During class 4’s PE/dance lesson we focused on the end of the war, commemoration and remembrance movements.

warm up

American Ragtime! Move to lively, optimistic ragtime beat:step 2,3, pose! 

sequence 1: Grizzly bear dance


This dance sequence is humorous. Step 2,3, show your  claws! Step 2,3 claws! Step 2,3,4,5,6,7, claws! Who looks the most terrifying?

Sequence 2: No mans land
FREEZE! Show your battle pose.


Online Safety - Parent Training (Free with Limited Spaces)

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Reading, reading, reading - at least 3 times a week please



In our Zoom assembly on Friday, Mrs Mason shared with the children some information about the super reading training that some of the teachers had attended.  One of the key messages from the course was all about the importance of reading regularly.  We read all the time at school and that regular practise at home makes all the difference.  Remember children, you signed your school agreement in September saying that you would read 3 times a week - go explore the exciting world of literature - go to places that you can only imagine.  Even in Lockdown we can explore places we never knew were possible.  Please share below in the comments the books you are enjoying at the moment - let's try to get every one to comment - tell your friends - share the good news of books and the power of being able to read.

Here is one to start us off - James in Class R enjoying his book - James, just like your top says, you are totally 'ROARSOME'! (original message 22/11/20 relaunched 2/12/20)

The class with the most reading comments in the box below will receive a class prize (closing date 8.30 am Friday, 11th December 2020)

James reading

Class 4- star of the week

Our star of the week is amazing Holly.W. She always, always tries her best in all areas of learning even if the task is a challenge. Holly's behaviour is exceptional and a joy to teach  I could go on and on with positive words about Holly. Thankyou 

Holly keep going! 


Good morning children, in our Zoom assembly today, we celebrated our Stars of the Week - we felt very proud of our classmates and of ourselves. 

Everyone has the right to feel pride in themselves and in the work that they do. 

Ask yourself every day - "What have I done today to make myself feel proud?"

Please enjoy our special assembly song - maybe you would like to sing along with the words at home:



Class 4 science- investigating gases

What we did.....

06E42A64-2135-47E3-9FC8-C521177C5C46The scientists at work.....


Class 4- star of the week

Our star is Theo. Theo completed a war poster using imperative verbs, rhetorical questions, images of inspiration, fabulous vocabulary and beautifully presented. Thank you for your work ⭐️.



Class 4-PE

Joe Wicks took today’s PE lesson!



And stretch 🥵.......

B2B58ADE-977A-4538-B279-87E7120097E2Did you work hard enough?