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Class 4

Feeling inspired ...

I saw these beautiful books in an amazing museum in Rome while on holiday and I can’t wait to share them with you Year 4! They, and the exhibition, are awe-inspiring and have given me ideas for an exciting new learning programme in art focussing on the incredible Leonardo da Vinci: a man brilliant beyond his time - an artist, scientist, inventor, anatomist and predictor of the future, with his flying machines, tanks and giant walking men!


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When in Rome ...

Researching our Ancient Rome topic whilst on holiday and can’t wait to investigate it with you Year 4!



Year 4 Reward Day

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We had a fabulous day with Year 4 yesterday - we spent the morning baking (I hope you enjoyed the Rocky Road as it looked and smelled amazing!) and we visited the park in the afternoon as the children had earned their rewards. We had a fun, and well deserved, treat in the sunshine... followed by yummy ice-creams! Thank you Year 4 for all your hard work all year- you’ve been a pleasure to teach and I’ll miss you next year!



Year 4’s Roman Clay Lamps

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In Design and Technology today, the children made their own ancient Roman-style lamps by first making a pinch pot and shaping it in the form of an oil lamp. They then decorated their lamp with their own design. The children really enjoyed modelling clay and hope you like the results!



Year 4 Planets Artwork

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The children used paint to create a marble effect today which they then turned into planets to tie in with our Space Week in school. They loved being creative and their artwork looks super effective!



Space-themed Design and Technology in Year 4

We had a gorgeous morning baking star-shaped shortbread biscuits to link with our Space Week. The children loved it, were really calm and they were all Star Bakers too! Thank you so much to Mrs Drury for her culinary expertise!



Year 4's Maths Space Mission

We took our learning outside in Maths today and the children tackled Space-themed Maths challenges. Some were super tricky but we all know astronauts are brainboxes so really well done to our mathematicians!



Year 4's Amazing P.E. lesson with Kelvin from Diversity!

We had an awesome breakdancing lesson last week during P.E. - Kelvin was incredible and, as you can see, year 4 did brilliantly too!



Launching Space Week!


Today we launched the commemoration of 50 years since the first lunar landing with a visit from the Star Dome Planetarium and a special space picnic! 

Let us know what you thought of it by commenting below:


Thank you to our wonderful PTFA for funding this experience for all of our children today.

Can't wait to see what else we learn in Space Week - enjoy everyone!

To infinity and beyond!

Year 4 History and Design and Technology Project

In history, we've been learning about the Roman Empire and Roman army, including how Roman soldiers were equipped. The children LOVED trying on replica (and very heavy!) armour (thank you so much to Mr Hull at Kilburn for lending these to us!) and then designed and made their own shields. We then got battle-ready in the tortoise formation!