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Class 4

Please help us and name all of your child’s uniform.

We have an abundance of unnamed uniform in our lost property box already. Please help us to return it to the rightful owner by naming all uniform with permanent pen or name labels. Thank you. A7FE9813-D506-4028-80DA-F9D4A75EEB32

Looking for invertebrates

Class 4 went searching for invertebrates in the school grounds today. They discovered many more exciting wonders besides....


Autumn art

Year 4 have been using printing to create autumn leaves for our new display. We printed using the leaves themselves and experimented with mixing and blending colour.


Year 4 wonderful writers

Year 4 have been working really hard on their writing all week- they’ve written for different purposes and page, after page ... they really enjoyed it too!


Blue Peter Success

How wonderful to catch up with Theo and find out about his continuing Blue Peter badge collection. Here are the badges that were awarded for Theo's tennis playing and also for his cake baking to commemorate the Blue Peter tortoise retiring from the show.  Thank you for sharing Theo - which one will be next?  Toby told me that he is busy working towards his first Blue Peter badge too -   can't wait to see it Toby!


Making sense of BC and AD

In History today, we organised ourselves into a human timeline to explore BC and AD and understand distance in time and chronology. Brilliantly well done Year 4! This will really help when we dive into the Ancient Greek period!



Keeping safe online with Year 4

Image result for online safety

I was lucky to teach online safety to Class 4 this afternoon.  I was so pleased with their mature responses as they discussed the important messages inside the videos and discussed what they do to ensure that they are safe online.

Thank you children.

Here are the videos for you to watch again if you would like to:



Story Telling in Year 4

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In English today, we explored the key features of the Legend of Robin Hood by categorising the main elements and using our categories to take notes from the story, ‘Ambush in the Forest’. The children then used their notes to retell the story verbally using stick puppets!



Practising Place Value

In Year 4, we’ve been exploring the value of digits in a number, partitioning numbers and counting on in multiples. The children really enjoyed practising what they have learnt by playing a place value board game today...



Shining bright like a diamond in Year 4

Very well done to Seth for being our first ‘Diamond’ this year! He has been a ‘Smalley Star’ and shined bright! 395F3FFD-9816-4B05-A4C7-092E098A82D0