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Class 1

End of term fun

This term the children in Class 1 have been learning about the United Kingdom. They have worked very hard, locating each of the four countries on a map, listening to the national anthems, finding out lots of facts and sharing their own personal experiences.

To celebrate the end of this topic we have been doing lots of fun things. We have listened to traditional music and had a go at Morris dancing and highland dancing - we all decided that it is much more difficult than it looks but lots of fun! The children particularly enjoyed watching highlights from last year’s Scottish Highland Games whilst eating a piece of shortbread - they got so excited when one contestant managed to flip the caber right over! We have also tried Welsh cakes, Irish soda bread and English scones with jam and cream. To finish the week we will be playing some traditional games from each country.

Although this is the end of our topic on the United Kingdom, we would still like the children to tell us about the places they visit in the UK during the holidays and at weekends so that we can find them on the map. Photographs and postcards would also be much appreciated to add to our display.



Blessed with talent

Thank you so much - you made me smile as I came through the hall at the end of assembly today.  How lucky we are to hear such lovely talent - thank you.



Boogie Beats with Year 1

Today, some of our Year 1 children went to Smalley Hall to enjoy their last Boogie Beat session.  The children in Class 1 have been enjoying these sessions since their time in Class R.  We would like to thank Boogie Beats and Smalley Hall for inviting us to these sessions.  The children have really enjoyed them.


In the new year, children in Class R will continue our intergeneration sessions with Becky and Boogie Beats.

The Snowman at The Riverside Centre

Class R, 1 and 2 enjoyed their visit to see 'The Snowman' this afternoon - we had a super adventure!

Thank you to all of our parent and friend helpers today.

IMG_6287 IMG_6289

Christmas fayre this Friday!


A beautiful Christingle Service

What a beautiful occasion this evening!  

Our SING group sang beautifully at Smalley's annual Christingle Service - what a special moment when all the candles were lit and we sang together.

Thank you to all of our families and friends for their support.


Special Visitors


Last week we welcomed special visitors into school. Members of our “Smalley Old Boys” and representatives from the Richardson Foundation came to school to enjoy lunch in Class 6.  They then met children from Year 5 and 6 and enjoyed a presentation, by the children, of our Remembrance service, which was then aired on the BBC news the very next day. 

It is always a privilege to watch the children and adults sing ‘Abide with me’ together in our school hall.  Welcoming our wider community into school always gives our children a valuable experience and it is greatly appreciated by all of our visitors too. 


Let's Go Fly A Kite!

This term in science class 1 are being meteorologists. In our lesson today we were investigating wind speed. We all made kites and had a great time testing them outside.


Children in Need


Thank you for supporting Children In Need on Friday and wearing all of those snazzy socks!

Our school raised £212.50 for this important charity.


Thank you so very much for your kind donations, thank you to our School Council and Mrs Bounds for counting all of those pennies and pounds.


Buckets full of fun in Class 1

This week in Class 1 we have spent a lot of time thinking about what it means to be a good friend. The children particularly enjoyed listening to the story 'Have You Filled A Bucket Today?' by Carol McCloud. This book explains how everyone carries an invisible bucket of happiness around with them all of the time. To fill your bucket you need to be a kind, respectful person who says and does nice things to make others feel special. During circle time we all managed to think of something kind we had done that day for our families and friends. In history the children worked in friendship groups to build a model of a castle. As well as observing great teamwork within groups, it was lovely to see groups helping each other when they encountered difficulties. Well done Class 1 - keep filling those buckets!


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