Welcome to Richardson Endowed Primary School

The first week of our last term!

Welcome back all! We are back after a very well rested, sunshine filled half term and have enjoyed our first week back together. 

We have started our new theme of ‘The World and Beyond’ for the last term which has seen Class 3 start to focus on the world including the Euros 2021 as well as looking closer to home at Smalley! We are also focusing on survival and what makes us ‘super’ humans. The children are excited and ready for the next 6 weeks! 

Class 3 have all been allocated a country that is part of the Euros, creating fact files, flags and football stripes to get to know their country. We will be following the football action and cheering on the teams seeing who makes it into the final! The children are very excited for the tournament and are very supportive towards their chosen country. This has been a brilliant opportunity to introduce our new geography learning of ‘our world’ and looking at geographical features. 

Within this week, the children have been looking at mapping skills, using mapping symbols and how to read a map. They have then created their very own islands with a key and individual mapping. We started this week with a focus on Smalley including the coat of arms and geographical features, something the children found very interesting. 

Focusing on ‘survival’, the children teamed up and competed in some survival activities. Before we started, the children all worked together to define what we need to survive, with some incredible, well-thought through suggestions. Lots of fun, discussion and logical thinking were had during our survival activities and some strong team leaders were identified. The children quickly realised 3 very important elements that helped them to survive: teamwork, communication and listening. As well as these, the children identify the main elements needed to survive and lots of in depth discussion was had. 

To finish our week, Class 3 took a trip to the post box to post their letters to Julia Donaldson! We have been given an official address and hope we get a reply…we will keep you posted! 

A wonderful first week had by all, ready for 6 more fun filled weeks! Well done Class 3 :) 

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