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Another Week in Class 3...

Another super busy week this week but with some absolutely wonderful work from the children! Well done Class 3! 

I have been so impressed this week with your work ethic, trying incredibly hard, taking your time and showing how independent you can be. This has been wonderful to see so thank you Class 3, please keep it up! 

The children have been focusing on fractions in maths, becoming familiar with a half, a quarter and even further understanding 3/4! The children have been converting these fractions into decimals and percentages and have shown a fantastic understanding and knowledge of their times tables which has helped them to use the numerator and denominator. We particularly enjoyed using tables this week to show our working out (all wipeable and rules in place!) but it has been a great way for the children to show their understanding of fractions and encouraged their working out and checking of answers. 

Class 3 are still really enjoying our play ‘Bombs and Blackberries’ and have had the opportunity this week to produce a piece of writing they want to do. Many chose to create their own play, stories and use characters from our book. They have shown excellent use of speech and key writing features that we have covered since September but most importantly they have thoroughly enjoyed writing, many begging to continue them which is just fantastic! 

The children have had fun painting and designing their very own WWII Spitfires this week. Their attention to detail has impressed me and I have seen some excellent DT skills. 
As well as DT, the children have learnt all about Rationing this week and created their own ration book. Many of the children preferred the modern day food choices than WWII and feel lucky that they have many luxuries today in comparison! 

Another jam packed, fun filled week in Class 3! Ready for another one next week! D8C46A26-C50B-44F0-AD39-DF401D4B29AC 6C7E7781-4BB0-4934-AF3F-D4E66AE49928


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