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Happy Half Term Class 3!

Well…we did it! Together we made it to half term and I couldn’t be prouder!

6 weeks ago, we sat together in the classroom and I asked you all to think of a word; a word in which you wanted to be; a word in which you were to become by the end of the year. The words you gave me amazed me; made me stop and think.

‘I want to be confident’, ‘I want to be unstoppable’, ‘I want to be courageous’ and ‘I want to be kind’.

As a teacher, I saw the determination and dedication in your eyes and knew you meant it, that you were going to give everything you could to become that word. Then the announcement came. Many of you asleep in bed, not knowing what tomorrow was going to bring…

We all awoke; fed up, frightened, unsure and saddened by yet another lockdown BUT, did you let that stop your determination and dedication to becoming your word… NO YOU DID NOT! You gave 100% towards everything, you never gave up and you did it all with a smile; a smile that got you, your parents, grandparents and me through each day. You did it in style Class 3 along with excellent work, superb attitudes, lots of laughs and sometimes tears but most importantly you did it together! As a class, you supported each other, congratulating and applauding one another and sharing this time together, something which has made the whole experience much easier, brighter and happier. You all have achieved so many things you never thought possible. You have written your own fairy tales, fables and stories; you have learnt about multiplication, division and statistics; you have walked like an Egyptian; you have made your own moving book all about Egypt; you have become scientists and experimented light; you have continued to learn another language; you have become your chosen word. In a time where things should have been difficult and near impossible, you have become unstoppable, courageous, confident, kind and so much more. As a class, you have defied expectation and shown just how special and wonderful you all are – thank you!


Miss Williams

Class 3 - We are1024_1



That's nothing short of inspirational! What lovely words and amazing efforts from the children in class 3. Brilliant!

Thank you Miss Williams for a lovely message. And brilliant words chosen by Class 3.

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