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Our Remembrance Service 11th November 2020

Today we held our annual Remembrance service in school, but this year of course things had to be different; instead of a hall full of children, parents and the wider community, our Year 6 pupils led the service from our school car park by the war memorial. 
Our year 5 children were able to join us outside and Mr Reckless came to play 'The Last Post' and other war song favourites alongside Mr Mason on the drums.  Mr Bower, from the Parish Council, came to lay a wreath along with Mr Wilton and Mr Aldred from the Smalley Old Boys. We also welcomed Mr Barham our local representative from the Royal British Legion. Our visitors stayed on the pavement at a safe social distance from our children. 
Today was, of course, so different to our usual community event and yet, in other ways it wasn’t different at all. The reason being that our Year 6 led the service with confidence and such respect for the boys who came to their school, who played in their playground, who went off to war and never returned. What an honour and a privilege to see the children show such respect in the way they spoke, behaved and carried out their duties to remember our Smalley soldiers and the sacrifice they made for us. 
Every child and adult in school took part in a minute’s silence, safe within their own class bubbles, they listened to the Last Post from the playground. Later in the day all the classes sowed poppy seeds to mark the occasion. 
Thank you for your empty pop bottles -we hope you agree that they now look wonderful as recycled poppies to decorate our 'Rainbow Tree of Hope and Remembrance'. 
We are so sad that we couldn’t invite you all to share in this special day in our school calendar but we hope you enjoy the photographs and feel proud of all of our children, as we do. 



What lovely messages from Class 5!

Well done, Class 6

Well done class 6 rlly enjoyable

This was amazing to watch. Even though it's different right now we should celebrate it as we would do if it is was normal. Year 6 did amazing as usual!

We will remember them.

It is very important that we remember the ones who died because then we know who to remember. A very big well done to year 6 for all that hard work even with cars driving past.

It was a privilege to be there and it really made me think about the old school boys who played on our playground and lived their lives just like we do today not knowing what was to come. The brave soldiers that saved our lives in war and never returned, we will remember them not just now but for forever and ever. Year 6 gave a wonderful performance and read beautifully and made us remember them.

I'm really proud of the school, it was really good.

We really appreciate that even in these difficult times we can still celebrate the boys who went to war and died so we could be free.
It's a great privilege that we got to see Year 6 and we can't wait to do it next year😄!
Thank you Class 6!

Well done class 6, you read really well even when there were cars going passed.

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