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Another Week In Class 3...

WOW, what a week! I am super proud of Class 3 this week for all their brilliant work and superb effort that they have given towards every bit of their learning, keep it up Class 3! 

This week has been full of special events - Remembrance Day and Children In Need. So here is what the children have been up to this week...

Maths - we have now mastered addition and subtraction using our column method and have a great understanding of the process which helps us to solve any types of addition and subtraction questions. The latter end of this week has seen us start multiplication and division. We have been using arrays to solve both operations with our rows and captain columns. Let's keep this up for next week girls and boys!

English - a mixed week this week but some gorgeous work! Monday saw the children become a Stone Age Detective, seeking out all the best bits from our core text the Stone Age Sentinel. On Wednesday, as part of our Remembrance Day, the children learnt about the importance of wearing a poppy and created their very own poppy with a sentence about why they themselves wear a poppy which has created our Class Wreath. Children have collated information about a newspaper report and its features and today have celebrated Children In Need by redesigning Pudsey's eye patch to something that they feel represents Children In Need. 

This week, the children painted poppies for the school 'Tree of Remembrance and Hope' which they loved and did a fabulous job! Pictures are below, our class colour was green. We also had a visit from a tank on Remembrance Day...how fabulous!

Topic - Children learnt about chronology this week and then movement of the Stone Age right through to the Iron Age.

Science - I think the children enjoyed this the most this week as they created the rock cycle with starbursts! We looked at every element of the rock cycle and used the starbust to show how a rock transforms from magma to igneous to sedimentary to metamorphic. We also looked at weathering, erosion and deposition using lego landforms. Photos for this lesson are below! 

A truly wonderful week Class 3! Keep up the great work! :)




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