Welcome to Richardson Endowed Primary School

Mice on Tour!

The mice have loved their first term at school with you children and I am so impressed with how you have looked after them and shown them how to behave at school.  Here are some of their newest adventures to share, including a very kind doctor mouse:


Squeak went with Noah to take cute little Darcie on her very first walk to a Tractor and Pumpkin Farm Adventure Park - what fun!  Noah also received a letter and card from his buddy and can't wait to write back!  Look at how he has practised his phonics and writing - wonderful!

IMG_9446Grey Mouse has been helping Ralph to settle in his new fish into their tank - well done - I love how proud you look!

IMG_9450 2

Dino Mouse sent me this beautiful montage of photographs from his adventures with Charlie at Hardwick Hall - such a lovely place to visit with your family.


Hugo and his mouse enjoyed six Halloween themed parties over the weekend - Hugo you look amazing and I love your decorations and spooky food!

Here is Freddie Mouse looking after his patient whilst he has been poorly - I think I'm going to call him Doctor Freddie Mouse from now on - get better soon Noah, we miss you.


Thank you as always for the beautiful photographs.  Please send me any half term photos from your half term adventures - Puzzle will be joining me for some rest and relaxation over the holidays and H will be joining Mrs Straw! I wonder what they'll get up to?

See you next half term for more really 'mice' adventures!



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