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A Rainbow of Poppies.



Two years ago many of you will remember making poppies for our willow tree which stands in our playground. This year our Remembrance Service will be very different-it will take place in school but we will be unable to invite parents and friends into the school to join with us to remember those soldiers who came to school , who played in our playground , who went to war and never came home to Smalley. 

So to mark the occasion we thought it would be very special if every child in school made a new poppy for our tree. This year, each class will make a different colour of poppy and then when the poppies are together this will form a rainbow of poppies around our tree.

This will also be a symbol of hope to link with our tree of hope theme in school and a way of remembering those people we have lost at this time and a reminder of the work of our brilliant NHS, some of whom are parents in our school community.

To make the poppies we need over 200 empty 2ltr pop bottles. If you have any empty bottles we would really appreciate them and will recycle the leftovers. At this time the only way to collect them is for you to pop them into our bottle box which will be located on the school drive from Monday 19th October. The bottles will then be put into quarantine and cleaned and will be ready to use after half-term. 

Thank you so much for your support with this -we really appreciate it 😊



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