Welcome to Richardson Endowed Primary School

Welcome to our new children starting in Class R!

What a gorgeous week in Class R!  

This week we welcomed our brand new starters to come and look at their brand new learning space and have chance to meet some of the special adults at our school.  A small group came each day to meet Mrs Evans and myself, they also met Mrs Mason (Our Headteacher), Mrs Straw (our teaching assistant), Mrs Hull (our teaching assistant) and Mrs Harrison (our mid-day supervisor).  All of the children made us so proud as they could not wait to come and find out more about their school; we chose our own very special school mouse who will join each child on their Reception journey. We made mouse hats, shared nursery rhymes, counted, drew and explored our learning zones, as well as ate our dinner in the hall and enjoyed our fruit and milk together! Phew!  

Please have a look at our slide show to see some of the fun that we had during our new adventure together at Smalley School!


We can't wait to see you next week children.

Have a lovely weekend in the sunshine!


You're so welcome - we had great fun getting to know Connie too.

Connie has had the most wonderful week, thank you!

Thank you for looking at our website and sharing our journey. Ninja mouse is being very well behaved and helping Eddie and the other children lots - he does keep taking his little jacket off but Eddie and I are good at finding it!

Looks like great fun! Its great to be able to see what Eddie and all the other children are getting up to. Hope Ninja mouse isn't causing too much trouble!

What a wonderful first week with wonderfully happy children!

Thank you for your lovely comments - I'm so glad you like the video. Oh my! Cheese - what an adorable name! Can't wait to see you both in the morning Oliver!

What a lovely video and a great environment to learn and play in. Oliver and ‘Cheese’ are excited to come back next week! Thank you 😊

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