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Class 5 - Home Learning - Wednesday 15th July


Good Morning Class 5,

You will soon be starting a new school year. A new year is a fantastic opportunity to make new friends, but making friends or rebuilding old friendships can be a nerve-wracking thing. Can you create a poster describing (using words and pictures) how best to make a new friend. Think about how you would like someone to treat you and what you think makes a good friend. These can be completed using whatever medium you would like.

All the best,

Mr Redmond

Download Year 3 to Year 5 Learning-Project-TRANSITION

Bite Size

We are encouraging all parents to use the package the BBC is providing through the Bitesize website. Links to other effective resources will be posted, such as the Oak National Academy. Please do not feel you have to do everything, we want to equip not overload.

Maths:   Converting units of time

English:   Analysing myths

Wider Curriculum: How science can be found in sport

Oak National Academy


Shared Work




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