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Class 5 - Home Learning - Thursday 16th July


Good Morning Class 5,

Today I would like you to think all about you. What makes you..... you? Think not just about the things you like or the hobbies you have but about your personality. Are you a kind person, perhaps you are really good at sharing. Maybe you are someone who is passionate about their interests or are you someone who is always cool, calm and collected.

When you have given this a good think (you could record ideas on paper), your challenge is to create a piece of abstract art that represents you. Remember abstract means we cant just draw direct pictures but you are using colour, shape and style to communicate your message.

All the best,

Mr Redmond

Download Year 3 to Year 5 Learning-Project-TRANSITION

Bite Size

We are encouraging all parents to use the package the BBC is providing through the Bitesize website. Links to other effective resources will be posted, such as the Oak National Academy. Please do not feel you have to do everything, we want to equip not overload.

Maths:   Understand and interpret timetables

English:   Writing a myth

Wider Curriculum: The Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Oak National Academy


Shared Work




All the best,


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