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Class 2 Home Learning - Tuesday 14th July

Good Morning Class 2!

Today's transition activity focussing on thinking back over all you've done and achieved this year and reflecting on what makes you proud. What are your proudest achievements in your learning? What are you most proud of outside of the classroom too?

Have a think about what you're most proud of and design an achievement medal. You could cut a circle out of cardboard or have a star-shaped medal. Go to town with your decorations if you can - after all, you've earned this! You could paint it gold or use silver foil to make it shiny. If you have ribbons or string you could also wear your medal with pride and if hold a ceremony during which you're presented with your medal!

We'd love to hear how you get on! Well done on all of your achievements Class 2 - we're extremely proud of you all :)

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Download KS1-Learning-Project-TRANSITION-1

Bite Size

We are encouraging all parents to use the package the BBC is providing through the Bitesize website. Links to other effective resources will be posted, such as the Oak National Academy. Please do not feel you have to do everything, we want to help, not overload.

Maths: Hours and days


English: What makes good characters?


PE: How we move

The BBC also created a series of programmes which are still available to watch on iPlayer called Celebrity Supply Teacher. There are twenty episodes altogether and we enjoyed watching them all! If you haven't seen them yet, or missed an episode, head to iPlayer as they really are educational and fun too!

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For those struggling with internet or computer access, the BBC is also providing daily lessons through the red button on your TV remote and iPlayer.

Oak National Academy

There are no new lessons on the website this week but all previous lessons are there and you can use those already published to revise specific topics or complete any that you missed should you wish to.


Shared Work


Please continue to share your work, as we are looking at it and looking forward to seeing it.

If you have any questions or need any support with learning at home please contact our new class specific email at:


We dearly love seeing what you've been doing as we miss seeing you all in person so it's the next best thing!

Enjoy your learning!😊🌈

Love from Mrs Macdonald, Mrs Reckless and Mrs Hird xxx


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