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Toby Year 4 Playing the Guitar and Piano

Toby sent this into school and wanted me to share it with you. It is amazing and shows how well he has developed his skills during Lockdown.

'Since lockdown I have been learning lots on piano and guitar. For the past few days I have been practising my guitar and piano by playing Lean on Me. My Dad filmed me and I edited it using an app. My dad put it on YouTube for me. I am hoping to get 10 likes'.
From Toby

Watch this clip and look at not just how well he plays, but also the skill Toby has applied to edit it.


Well done Toby, you sound brilliant and I love your choice of songs. 🎶 

Mrs Rawlings.


well done Toby i liked it on youtube!!

Toby, the Yellow Bubble loved listening to your playing and how clever the way you had edited the video. I was singing along as you played! Well done!

Toby, this is brilliant - well done!

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