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Lion King Theatre Adventure

Yesterday, children from our school had the incredible opportunity to join the rest of our Embark family on a once in a lifetime time trip to London.


After an early start and a long bus journey we arrived in London. Our first stop was the world famous Pineapple Dance Studio. Here we were fortunate to take part in a workshop run by cast members from the Lion King. We even got the chance to question them about their jobs and how they began their careers in dance.


After working up an appetite we headed to Covent Garden for Pizza. The meal was best summed up by one young lady, who's feedback was, "Mr Redmond, I must be dreaming because I am in heaven". The best was yet to come! With full stomachs we headed to the Lyceum Theatre, where we were treated to a backstage entrance and perfect seats to enjoy the show! We were astounded by every aspect of the show; dancing, singing, costumes, lights, props and more. The children even managed to spot the dancers we had learnt from in the morning. 


All in all, we had an experience I'm sure the children will never forget. It was a pleasure to be a part of. Even more so to see the children represent their school through their respectful behaviour and incredible manners.


14th November 2019



Can I come next time

It looks and sounds like you all had a truly amazing day.

Magical 😊

Thank you for providing this amazing opportunity. A day to remember!

Thank you so much, Leight had a fantastic time 😁

Kayla may loved it said it was best day of her life thank you so much for giving her the chance to do something like this

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