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Technology Toolbox #4 - Parental Controls on the Apple iPad

Technology Toolbox
The ever changing landscape of the digital world can be difficult to navigate for even the most competent users of technology. To help take the stress out of keeping your children safe with technology each week we will be sharing clear and practical advice or guidance.

Parental Controls on the Apple iPad
Below is a short video detailing how to setup parental controls on the Apple iPad.

As highlighted in the comments below this method is for older models of iPhone and iPad, running on older operating systems.

Click here for a guide to Apple's new parental controls and their very useful screen time restriction tool.


This only works on older iPads running iOS 10 or earlier. For newer iPads running iOS 11 or 12 restrictions can be set from settings/screen time, where you can set content restrictions and the amount of screen time allowed.

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