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Ancient Egyptian Day!

Class 3 had a fantastic day yesterday experiencing life as Ancient Egyptians! 

We had great fun smelling the different spices and guessing what they were, some were much nicer than others! We then enjoyed learning about the ancient artefacts and what they were used for. 

Sophie was transformed into an Ancient Egyptian High Priestess. 

Did you know that the Ancient Egyptians used make up to make their eyes look like 'The Eye of Horus' a symbol of protection?

Unfortunately we had to hold a funeral in the afternoon as the Pharaoh had died. The body was embalmed and the 'Opening of the Mouth' ritual was performed. We wish him a good journey to the afterlife!







Next class 3 enjoy it. But this class 3 we all loved it 😆

I really enjoyed the Egyptian day!

I really enjoyed the Egyptian day my favourite bit was the ceremony.

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