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Heath’s Got Talent !

Yesterday we had some very special visitors to assembly. We welcomed a group of outstanding dancers from Heath Primary School in Chesterfield. The school is part of Embark Federation Multi Academy Trust and they were touring around all the Embark schools to share their anti-bullying message through the medium of dance. 

After assembly they met with our school council to discuss the meaning of their dance and discuss how we spread the message at Smalley. 

It was a wonderful morning in school and our children enjoyed the outstanding performance as well as sharing our own performance skills by singing our Embark song ; I am a small part of the world . 885BEF13-CB8D-45AB-9DC0-0CCF0114A45D 0E66EF88-9CCB-4115-94BD-5EF9C06BB6D4
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Fantastic to hear about the message these children were sharing form Sophie when she came home. Remember to 'always be kind'.

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