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Which witch?

We made these cute witches, using lollipop sticks, card and paper.  We followed instructions and then thought about the next steps in the craft.

We also learned about the difference between witch and which.

Well done children.

To earn a merit, can you type a comment which shows that you know the difference between 'which' and 'witch' too?


The wicked witch tried to steal Dorothy's ruby slippers in the Wizard of Oz.  

Mrs Reckless couldn't decide which was her favourite food.




I can't decide which coat to wear!
The wicked witch kills people !!!

which colour jumper shall i wear to school ?
i saw a witch on halloween day.

Why did the two witches 🧙‍♀️ wear a tag?
Because they didn’t know which witch 🧙‍♀️ was which! 👻🎃🧙‍♀️

Which film shall I watch at the cinema tomorrow?
I saw a wicked witch in a book. 🕷💀🦇

Which dress shall I wear said the witch.

the witch couldn't decide which shoes to take.

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