Welcome to Richardson Endowed Primary School

The Final Countdown!

Over the last few weeks, some of our KS2 children have taken part in a mini league Football event , ran by RS Coaching and our old friend, Mr Singh. 

The event has taken place each week at Kilburn Junior School and the children have played twice, in a round robin format, against each of the 5 other schools taking part, over a six week period. 

We have performed consistently well throughout, and this week was no exception. The highlight being, despite playing 3 games back to back for 20 mins each,  a 6-2 win in our last game over the already acclaimed champions Curzon.  The children finished in a commendable second place overall and on a high too! 

Thank you to each member of the team for their commitment and effort over the weeks. Their sportsmanship was, as always, exemplary and they should be very proud of their achievement.  A thank you to the parents and staff who have given their time to attend and support us throughout. 


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