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Seeing double!


This week, in our maths lessons, we have been doubling numbers and trying to gain rapid recall of our facts to double 20.  We have also learned how to double numbers that are bigger than twenty, by partitioning, doubling the tens and ones and then recombining.  Please use the video and the games to help to practise these skills:






Which game did you like best?  Please make a comment below.

Good luck!


I enjoyed the archery arithmetic game the best! My top score was 390. From Bobby😊

me and mummy worked as a team on archery, i did the math, mummy did the aiming, we got 280. Also liked ladybird game

I loved Archery Arithmetic. I got 340!!!! I'm enjoying class 2, I think I'm going to have a great year with you. From Theo.

Dear Mrs Reckless, I really liked the archery game. My score was 260. I like doing homework on the internet :-)

From Lucy x

I could only play the ladybird game, hit the button and archery. I liked the ladybird game the best. i scored 280 on archery

Dear Mrs Reckless I couldn't get on the games except from Hit the button. On Hit the button my score was 24/24,37/37,39/39,40/40,20/20,46/46 and just before my 2nd top tooth fell out!!!!!! So I put it under my pillow and it was my 6th tooth out so far. 💚🐰🦔 Love Holly H

I liked the Archery Multiplication game best. My top score was 180.

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