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Place value



Olly has enjoyed playing on the place value game. He also had a try at the number bonds and really enjoyed it.

Amelia has had fun playing on the place value game. She had a go at HTO in numbers and words. She has really enjoyed creating her own numbers as well.

Sidney enjoyed the basketball game and the coconut odds and evens. He also did the place value charts work on addition and subtractions.

I played place value and fruit splat game, they were fun i want to play them again

I had fun playing that game and the basketball game. I liked this homework.

Thank you Theo and Neve for your comments, two merits each for you. Well done 😁

Neve had fun completing subtractions in the maths section and pairing the objects with the sounds in the English section.
Well done Neve!

I loved that game. I did points on it. Thank you for the really good homework.

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