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Hit the Button - Year 2 homework


This week we have been learning how having instant recall of bonds to 10 helps us with so many different number facts.  For example if we know that 1+9 =10 then 10+90=100 or 1+9=10 so 11+9=20. 

Use this game to help your instant recall of bonds to 10, 20 and 100.


Good luck


Ava has really enjoyed playing Hit The Button Doubles game. She says it was fantastic :~) High score of 16/16 xxx

I played on hit the button I scored 34/36 on (dp)

I’m thrilled with all of your hard work children on Hit the Button - it has made a real difference to your speed facts. Thank you for working hard and wanting to improve.

Good girl Holly, you’ve improved your score from 16 to 18 - super learning.

Hello mrs Reckless, I scored 18 out of 18 tonight I like playing hit the button.
Holly Walters x

Hit the button is an amazing maths game

I enjoyed my homework this week. I scored 22 out of 22. Riley :) 😊

Hello Mrs Reckless, I scored 22 out of 22 on making 10. Sidney

Olly got 12 out of 12 on number bonds up to 10.. he also decided to try doubles up to 500! and got 6 out 0f 9 .. good effort :)

I got

making 10 - 21/21
making 20 - 14/14
making 100 - 15 /15

I enjoyed playing the games. I got 26/26 on the number 10 bonds 😊 Lucy

I had fun on hit the button at the weekend🐨🐨

We had a number bonds marathon my best scores
Making 10 23/23
Making 20 9/11
Making 100 18/18

To Mrs Reckless, I liked playing Hit The Button at home and Yellow kept saying "Can I play please?". My highest score was 23/23 in 100 (tens). I enjoyed the games with Yellow 🐾🦔🐰!!!

i got 9/9 on hit the button. I'm enjoying class 2.

i scored 36 on bonds to ten and 35 on bonds to 100

Hi mrs Reckless my score was 13 out 13, Darla x

My score was 12 out 12

Jessica is really enjoying the online maths challenges. Her highest score is currently 33!

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