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Our Boogie Beat and Smalley Hall partnership

Unknown Smalley-Hall
After lunch on Friday, 15 of the children from Class R walked down to Smalley Hall residential home to meet Becky from Boogie Beat and some of the residents and carers from Smalley Hall.

The children participated in a music and story session all about the 3 Billy Goats Gruff.  The children learnt to sign characters and objects from the story as well as sing all about the goats.  The residents also joined in, using the instruments and singing the songs; the residents loved seeing the children.

After the session, using the Derby Rocks that the residents had painted, the children went into the newly developed courtyard and found all 19 rocks. The children then had fun hiding them on the way back to school.  We all enjoyed a light refreshment before heading back to school. 

The children were an absolute credit to our school, they listened so well, were very polite and participated in all of the activities.

We look forward to our partnership continuing and we are looking forward to next month already. 




Thank you for sharing this video and giving the children this opportunity. Sophie was so excited to tell us all about this when she came home on Friday. I asked her if it like where Grandma went to stay after her operation (which was a care home) and she said 'no mummy, this was a house where lots of old people live'!!!

We had lots of fun, singing, dancing, telling stories and boogie-ing!
I am so proud of Class R, they showed how sensible they are and they listened very well to Becky. Well done! 😊

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