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From caterpillar to butterfly...

In Class R we have been learning about lots of different minibeasts that we see in our gardens. Over the past few weeks we have been following the lives of our very own class caterpillars. They started as tiny caterpillars and grew and grew whilst munching away on their special food. After a couple of weeks we saw them change into chrysalides. We had to be really careful at this stage as the magical change was happening! About 10 days later, we discovered that our beautiful butterflies had emerged. Class R have amazed us with the amount they have learnt over the past few weeks about our caterpillars and butterflies. It has been so wonderful to see the curiosities develop and to hear that children have been telling their grown ups at home all about it!


Butterfly release from Miss Tulley on Vimeo.


Butterflies! from Miss Tulley on Vimeo.


What beautiful butterflies, I'm sure Sophie will enjoy telling Nanny and Grandad all about them

Sophie has loved learning about butterflies and sharing with us at home. Thank you for giving the children this wonderful experience :-)

the butterflies looked great, I bet they enjoyed seeing them grow

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