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Snow Challenges!

Can you think creatively and solve the following challenges? 

 Design a new vehicle that can travel through snow. 

Build different size/denisity snowballs and measure their melt times. 

Feed the Birds - in the snowy weather they need food. Try to hang food and put some on the ground so you can see which are ground feeders. Spend time identifying birds - they are lot easier to see against the snowy background. Sketch the birds, so you can identify them later at school (if no access to bird books or internet). Spend 30 mins watching the birds, count them, plot bar charts etc. 

101 creative uses of a sledge 

What is the best shape for a snow house. You want to build a snow house, but it takes a lot of time and a lot of snow. What shape house should you build to get the most floor area for the least amount of effort? What other ideas do you have? If you could build it against a wall (i.e. one side already made for you) what shape would you build? 

 Be creative and answer any of the 5 challenges above. Post pictures/comments as answers. 


I've done a snow car ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

I made 3 snowballs a small one, a medium one and a jumbo one. The small one melted first, then the medium sized one and finally the jumbo one.
The jumbo snowball made the biggest puddle because it had more snow.๐Ÿ’งโ„

I invented a snow speed boat because it has an electric turbo to move the snow so it can get through!

We sent Dad outside to refill our bird feeders this morning and got loads of customers for breakfast! We were visited by gold finches, robins, blackbirds both male and female and some blue tits. They like the nuts we have and the fat in the coconut shells that are hanging up. They're starting to come back again for lunchtime snacks now! I really enjoy watching them visit our garden and it's important to feed them when it snows.

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