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Smalley TeachMeet 2016!

Yesterday the school was host to teachers from 14 different schools across the county for our first ever TeachMeet.

A TeachMeet is basically staff from
Schools sharing good practice and learning with and from each other which we believe is the best way to learn. Each speaker has either 2 or 6 minutes so it is fast moving!

This is the first of its kind in our area so we were very proud to host and ensure it was a success.

We had international speaker and friend of the school Andy Cope to host the event and he quickly had everyone laughing whilst also passing important messages about how we can best use the 4000 weeks that on average a person lives for. We learned about 7 second hugs, the 10:5. Principle used by Ritz Carlton and how high performing teams ensure there are at least 6 positives for every criticism.

Andy also spoke about changing our thinking so we didn't get the same results if we wanted to be World Class for our children. A truly brilliant start to our session.

Our own Chair of Governors Sarah Armitage spoke about National Leaders of governance and their role which was fantastic.

We had a wide range of topics after from Racing to English, Modern Foreign Languages, Class display books, chickens, newspaper in a day, effective times tables, travel smart and lots of other fascinating talks.

Amazing artist and friend of the school Anthony Greentree captured the event and you can see what a fabulous job he did in the picture below.

Our Local Authority was well represented; Paul Livingstone, head of IT was a huge technical support ensuring the evening ran smoothly, Rob Bounds spoke about Travel Smart whilst Senior Advisers Carolyn Brearley and Sue Potter attended too and enjoyed the evening.

The event was kindly sponsored by Teacher Active who supply teachers across the country and wanted to give something back to schools whilst providing training for their staff as well. This positive event was nothing more than we've come to expect from this forward thinking company.

They also provided a fantastic buffet which was enjoyed by all.

We finished on time at 6:00 with a few speakers missing out which means we must now begin to organise Smalley TeachMeet 2!

We couldn't be happier with our first event and huge thanks to everyone involved for their help and support.

Enjoy the pictures below!

Smalley TeachMeet 2016!

Smalley TeachMeet 2016!

Smalley TeachMeet 2016!

Smalley TeachMeet 2016!

Smalley TeachMeet 2016!


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