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NLG Life, November 2015: A trip to the NEC

In our role as governors we feel it's very important to be up to speed on the wider developments within education. This mission took myself, Mrs Hudson (our Clerk to Governors), Mr White (Co-opted Governor) and Mr Crawford to the Academies Show at the NEC yesterday.  Here we heard from a wide range of leaders in education, including Lord Nash from the government Department for Education, David Cameron (not the PM!), a prominent commentator on education, union leaders, the National Schools Commissioner and Hanif Qadir, a powerful speaker on the threat of radicalisation in our schools.  The themes of the day included:

  • Collaboration with other schools in the school-led improvement system continues to be vital
  • We all face a recruitment and retention crisis so we must 'build from the inside' our own talented teaching staff and school leaders
  • Multi-academy trusts are the direction of travel from the governments perspective
  • The battle of a 'skills or knowledge' based curriculum is pointless - it's a matter of balance and getting it right for every child
  • We've fantastic practice in the UK - there's no need for 'educational tourism'

We also took the chance to speak to suppliers and find out about the latest innovations in education and Mr Crawford, as ever, won the prize for most/best freebies!

All in all, we recognise the need to build from our strong base of collaborative activity to forge closer links with other schools and to secure a successful future for our school in this challenging, yet exciting landscape.

Get in touch if you'd like to discuss further - sarah@workvitality.com

2015-11-25 11.58.44

Learner needs, simply put by David Cameron.

2015-11-25 14.50.34

Hanif Qadir on exactly why we need to take radicalisation seriously in schools.


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