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Shared Vision Number Five!

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It was a real pleasure to run our annual shared vision workshop in our freshly decorated hall last night.  It certainly is a lighter, brighter more creatively inspiring space to work in!  The creative juices were certainly flowing during this, our 5th shared vision review and refresh, as some brilliant ideas were aired and shared.

As usual, we had the privilege of wide range of school stakeholders in attendance, including the staff team, governors, parents, members of our school council, members of the Parish Council and Reverend Lisa from the church.  We believe this wide range of views and experience helps us generate a host of excellent ideas and keep us on track with our vision to be an outstanding school in the heart of the community. The fact that we involve and engage the whole community in this process is part of this vision.

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The vision workshop is also a great opportunity to take stock and celebrate the successes of the previous school year.  This session saw a bumper crop of 'success bricks' each laying the foundation for another successful year ahead.

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Mr Crawford also talked through some big ambitions that may be explored as part of our desire to keep raising the bar as a school and look ahead to future possibilities.  These include the possibility of becoming a teaching school or federating with another school and continuing to develop an exceptional learning environment.  He also talked about interesting research opportunities and collaborations with other learning establishments.

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The teams then created 'ideas clouds' with exciting ideas including developing a library space, a special commemoration of the Queen's 90th birthday, a theatre-style hall with professional lighting, updated PE equipment and fresh playground lines.

2015-09-14 17.48.14

There was then the traditional 'sign up' to the new vision map and the chance to declare some actions to be taken straightaway to get things rolling.  The sharing of a possible new newsletter format happened even before the workshop ended!  This early commitment to action certainly demonstrates the whole team's willingness and enthusiasm to bring the vision to life.

2015-09-14 17.47.54

Many thanks to all who took part in this productive, vibrant and innovative session. The new vision map will be up on display in the school hall. This is very much a live and on-going process so if you'd like to make suggestions or contribute in anyway, please do!  


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