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Letters and Sounds

Phase 5 Letters & Sounds with Mrs Smith & Miss Thompson


We have been looking at the alternative spellings of O (o, oe, oa, o_e, ow). Can you remember any of the words that we have learnt?

We've also been spelling words: little, one, do, what and out.

Please find attached the first 100 key words which we are learning to read and spell throughout the week.

Download 100 most common words

Download Phase5_hf_words

Phase 6 Irregular Past Tense

This week, we are going to be looking at verbs which you can't just add 'ed' to when writing them in the past tense.

Which examples can you think of?

Here are some to start you off.....

catch = caught

sleep = slept

take = took


Phase 6 Letters and Sounds

This week in Letters & Sounds, we have been looking at what happens to the base word when a 'y' is added.

Children can you remember the three different spelling choices we had?

What happens to these base words?

crunch, sun, stone, run, fuss, shine, cheek, smell,

noise, fur, thirst, bone.

We then thought about how we could use these words in an expanded noun phrase:

e.g. The noisy brown dog was barking as the red tractor full of smelly straw drove by.

Can you write some sentences in the comments below, using the words we have been looking at?

  • IMG_1380
  • IMG_1381
  • IMG_1379

Above are some of the examples that you were trying out in class.

Please remember those capital letters and full stops.  Could you use an exclamation mark?

Phase 3 Letters and Sounds with Miss Hill

The children have been working so hard during Letters and Sounds this week not only learning new sounds but also new tricky words.

The children have been learning the following sounds and tricky words - oi, er, igh, ear, air, you and my.



Phase 4 with Mrs Evans and Miss Longdon

Thank you to Miss Longdon for leading most of the sessions last week.


This week we will be having fun with non- words this helps with grapheme recognition and blending.

Here are a few of the non-words:






Keep a look out for our Alien visitor!                                                  


Image result for alien cartoon pictures

Letters & Sounds Phase 6

In phase 6 with Mrs Reckless & Mrs Boole, we have been looking at the different spelling strategies we can use when we come across a tricky word. These include mnemonics and counting the number of syllables in the word. Please try out this website to practise some of the skills: Image

Letters and Sounds phase 6

Adding 'ing' to verbs has been our theme this week.

We have looked at words which just add 'ing' and words which have to double the last letter before adding the 'ing'.

Can you write the rules below? Earn a merit if you can.


Earn another merit by telling us 5 words which double the last letter before adding 'ing'.


Good luck!

Phase Three Letters and Sounds with Miss Hill

This week Phase Three have been working really hard on learning not only new sounds but also new tricky words.

Our new sounds for this week are -

ai, ee, oa, oo

Our new tricky words for this week are - 

we, me and be

Can you think of an interesting sentence that has a tricky word in?

Good luck!

Phase Two Letters and Sounds

The children have been working extremely hard recapping previous sounds we have learned and practising new ones.

Over the next two weeks we will be practising blending two sounds together to read words like at,it,in,on and is.

We will continue to recognise and read the tricky words I,to,no,go,the as well as practising pencil control and letter formation ready for writing.

Keep working hard and remember to read your reading book at home.

Phase Three Letters and Sounds with Miss Hill

I am really pleased to say that Phase Three have been working really hard over the last two week learning and recapping all their sounds.

We have also been focusing on the following tricky words-

the, and, to, he and she.

Please continue to practise the reading and writing of these tricky words at home.