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Making me smile!

Look at this marvellous masterpiece appearing in our playground....every time I walk across the playground there's something new to smile at.....I can't wait to see it all finished. Thank you wonderful artists! Image

A Thursday Treat!

Wow - what a treat! It was wonderful to hear the sounds of 'Hot Shots' after school on Thursday afternoon.  The children and staff were working so hard to create some magical music (I think the Party Rings at breaktime helped!). It was a real privilege for me to stand and listen - thank you.  Our classroom door will certainly be open every Thursday afternoon - looking forward to hearing lots more awesome sounds! A special thank you to the tutors, Stuart and Tim, for providing such a wonderful experience for the children.

 Please have a listen.......



Brilliant, Talented Children both from our School and Nottinghamshire - Enjoy!

Last year our children performed Brilliant Derby as part of the amazing project we hijacked led by children's author Andy Cope.

For those who can't remember this was our Brilliant Derby Song, written and performed beautifully by our current Year 6 children.


A friend of mine who is an inspirational headteacher, Sharon Gray, has been in touch to share with me a stunning song from Netherfield Primary School. It was that good I wanted to share it with you through the link below.

Please leave a comment and children of Netherfield, I hope you enjoy our song too!



Shared Vision 2013 - what a great year we have to look forward to!

Last week we had our annual Shared Vision Session for the school. This is where all stakeholders from our community come together and generate ideas about how we can continue to  improve our school. 

We had representatives from the School Council, Parish Council, Governors, Neighbours of our School as well as Parent Representatives. All staff were there of course too!

We reviewed the successes of last year and ran out of space on the paper! We then looked at our values and what mattered to us as a school. We also were reminded that our goal back in September 2011 was to become an 'Outstanding School at the heart of the community.' 

We then looked at what was Positive and Possible to achieve this academic year. The themes that came out of the vision session included:

  • Achieving Outstanding Teaching and Learning across the school.
  • Introducing a new House System for the school.
  • Continuing to improve the school environment.
  • Improving Outdoor Play across the school.
  • Continuing to improve our links with the wider community.
  • Ensuring our new classroom is the inspirational learning space that the children deserve and that our new offices are fit for purpose.

 Check out the pictures from the session below.

  • IMG_2972
  • IMG_2960
  • IMG_2958
  • IMG_2959
  • IMG_2953
  • IMG_2956
  • IMG_2955
  • IMG_2952
  • IMG_2963
  • IMG_2962
  • IMG_2964
  • IMG_2969


I must say a massive thank you to Sarah Armitage, our Chair of Governors for leading the session so skillfully and keeping everyone on task!

Also, thank you to Mrs Shaw for her art work!

The Shared Vision will play an important role alongside our usual School Development Plans again this year. We look forward to bringing the plan to life as the year goes on and everyone can play their part in helping to achieve this.

Please come and see me if any aspect in particular interests you or you feel you can contribute in any way.

Links to our Shared Vision Sessions from Sept 2011 and Sept 2012 are also below and they are displayed in frames in the hall.



Please help us achieve our goal.

Snowman challenge

Today will live long in the memory of staff and children as we had great fun in our snowman challenge!
Lots of brilliant teamwork on display. Children you were amazing and your behaviour was superb as always.
Thank you to all the staff for all your hard work, for keeping the school open and for making today one the children will never forget.
Enjoy these pictures of our wonderful snowmen, more to follow!

Snowman challenge

Snowman challenge

Snowman challenge

Snowman challenge

Snowman challenge

Creating a Shared Vision 2012-13

Representatives from the whole community came together in school on the 27th September to create our Shared Vision for this year. All staff, parents from our Parent Champion Group and PTFA, governors and children worked together to look at areas we can improve over the next 12 months. 

We also looked back at our successes and were able to celebrate a huge list of achievements. After that we looked at what would be positive and possible to achieve this year. All stakeholders signed up to the vision and plotted actions and next steps. 

We are firm believers here in school that working together as a team and sharing our skills and abilities will help us achieve our aim to be an 'Outstanding School at the heart of the community'.

A massive thank you to Sarah Armitage for her skill in leading the session and keeping us all on task, not an easy job!!

Have a look at the pictures below from a fantastic evening. 



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