Welcome to Richardson Endowed Primary School

Class R

Phase 5 Letters & Sounds with Mrs Smith & Miss Thompson


We have been looking at the alternative spellings of O (o, oe, oa, o_e, ow). Can you remember any of the words that we have learnt?

We've also been spelling words: little, one, do, what and out.

Please find attached the first 100 key words which we are learning to read and spell throughout the week.

Download 100 most common words

Download Phase5_hf_words

Friendship Survey


 The children in all year groups were recently involved in a school friendship survey. As you may be aware our 'Friendship Week' was in the Autumn Term and continuing on from this we have been promoting positive relationships across the school.

As part of this ongoing initiative the children's data was collected and analysed. Reception children and Class 1 spoke about friendships and their data was collected through circle time and verbal discussions and Classes 2-6 completed a written response.

The following is a summary of our findings:

  • A very high percentage of pupils felt safe in the classroom, on the playground and going to and from school.
  • The majority of pupils never spend playtimes alone and the ones that indicated occasionally they did have been spoken to individually and issues addressed in a positive and nurturing way.

As part of our British Values in school we always listen to each other's opinions. Our children are made aware of our differences, tolerating others and being kind and caring towards each other.

We have many visitors in our school each week for a variety of reasons ( Teaching and Learning consultants, prospective parents, volunteers, outside agencies, members of the community and school governors) . We pride ourselves on the comments we receive about our warm welcome and the friendly atmosphere which helps us to create a caring environment for your children.

Finally, we are thrilled with the hugely positive response from our survey and as an ongoing commitment to your children we strive to promote a happy, safe and friendly environment here at Richardson Endowed Primary.

Thank you for supporting us.


An afternoon with Mummy x

Thank you to all of the Mummies and special ladies that joined us in school yesterday afternoon. 

If you were unable to join us, we hope you liked the crafts and flowers that were given to you later on in the day.


The Solar Eclispe! Wowsers!


How exciting, a rare event is currently underway....are you watching it safely?  Please see the following article to help you to view it safely....enjoy - the next one will be in 2026!



Parents Survey Raffle Winner!

Congratulations to Georgia from Class R who won our Survey raffle! She chose a lovely Frozen book as her prize which I hope she will get lots of pleasure from.

We have had over 140 surveys returned and I will post the results on the website as soon as we have collated them. A huge thank you to everyone who returned the surveys, for your comments and your on-going support.

Parents Survey Raffle Winner!

Buzzing About Books

  Teddy pages

Enjoy sharing some more memories of 'World Book Week' at Smalley!



RED NOSE DAY - 13th March 2015

We’re looking forward to another exciting week in school.

Please also note that we will be celebrating Red Nose day

in school on Friday, 13th March 2015

We will be following the theme of

‘Make Your Face Funny For Money’!

So please get your thinking caps on, accessories or face paint out and prepare to make us all smile with your funny face creation!

On the day, we would like to collect a donation on the day of £1 to support this worthy cause.

Many thanks for your support.

Kind regards

The Smalley Staff Team



Buzzing about Books


How wonderful to come into school and feel the 'buzz' about books. 

I could hear children laughing, chatting, sharing and explaining about their special book. 

I could see smiles, excitement, happiness and fun as children came dressed as a

book character or in their pjs!

Please enjoy the photos that were taken during book swap with Year 5 and 4

and book character/pj day. 

Watch out for a post from Mrs Rhodes who has more memories from Book Week!

Thank you children, parents, helpers and staff - another special week in school.



People Who Help Us - Special Visitor

Today Class R had a very special visit from Lucy who volunteer's in a community shop. The children really enjoyed asking Lucy lots of interesting questions and learning about her job, the things that the shop sells and also the type of people she helps.

A huge thank you to Lucy for coming to visit us and also to The Stable Shop for the lovely sweets!

We Will Remember


What a pleasure and an honour to welcome both Eric and Kevin into our assembly this morning.  These gentlemen were representing The Royal British Legion, Belper.  We invited them into school so that we could present the £87.15 that we collected during our Harvest collection back in October.


  The gentlemen told us that the Poppy appeal continues all year and that they were very grateful for our contribution and the money would go towards continuing to provide the wonderful service to soldier's families who have fought and are still fighting in the wars.

The gentlemen spoke to the children about the work of The British Legion and they also shared their experiences of being in the war.  Eric was 16 when he joined the Royal Air Force and served our country - he travelled to many places and said his time in service had helped him to stay young!  He was also one of the soldiers who arrived at the Normandy beaches during the Second World War in 1944.  Kevin participated in the Cold War and both his father and grandfather were soldiers.  It was so very interesting to hear their stories.


Three of our year 6 children read 'In Flanders Fields' and our children shared some the war time songs that they sang at our Remembrance service; it touched the hearts of both Kevin & Eric (who joined in too). 


What a special morning.