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Congratulations Mrs Armitage - National Leader of Governance Award

Congratulations to our chair of governors Mrs Armitage who has been awarded with the National Leader of Governance status this week (NLG). We are incredibly proud of Mrs Armitage and her leadership of our governors and are delighted that this has been recognised with a National Award that very few are able to attain. It is another great example of us sharing our practice as part of the systems leadership agenda.

On the government website it states that National Leaders of Governors are:


National leaders of governance are highly effective chairs of governors who use their

skills and experience to support another chair of governors to improve school and

academy performance.


National leaders of governance have contributed to raising

standards in their own school or academy by providing

appropriate support and challenge to their headteacher or

principal and by developing their governing body.


All national leaders of governance have had training in coaching

and mentoring and have at least three years’ experience as chair

within the last five years.


They aim to supplement existing sources of school-to-school

support for governance offered by local authorities, dioceses,

trusts and other partners.


In some situations, national leaders of governance may work

alongside national leaders of education and local leaders of



Sarah Armitage

Sharing Smalley practice!

Mrs Domkowicz spoke today at The Derbyshire Computing Conference. The title of her workshop was 'Inspiring learners through the use of iPads.'

She ran four workshops for teachers, headteachers and teaching and learning consultants from across Derbyshire that were attended by over 75 people! Delegates were buzzing and she received wonderful feedback.

A massive thank you to Mrs Domkowicz for sharing her practice in this way. In the last 12 months Smalley staff have led workshops at the Reading, Maths and Pupil Premium Conference. Mrs Armitage and I also led four governor briefings. As well as this we often have staff from other schools that come to Smalley to learn from our staff and observe their lessons.

This highlights what a strong and talented team we have at Smalley and we are incredibly lucky.

Enjoy the pictures below!

Sharing Smalley practice!

Sharing Smalley practice!

Sharing Smalley practice!

Sharing Smalley practice!

Sharing Smalley practice!

Defibrillator Training - Heart of the Community

I am sure most of you will now have seen the new defibrillator that has been installed at school for the whole community.

Mrs Lorna Taylor had kindly arranged for training at school. A leaflet has already been sent out but I have attached a link to it again here.

Download Community Defibrillator Training at Smalley Richardson School

Please contact Mrs Taylor to book a free place at either of the sessions.

Can I use this opportunity to say a massive thank you to Mrs Taylor for arranging the training but also for writing the bid for the defibrillator and ensuring that we have such a resource at school for us and the whole community. I hope we never have to use it but if we do it could save someone's life so I am very grateful as I'm sure you are. Please support these training sessions.

Our school vision is to be 'An outstanding school at the heart of the community' and this is another example of that vision being brought to life.

Defibrillator Training - Heart of the Community

Data Dashboard 2014

The data dashboard for the school has been published for 2014.

It is a very useful document for governors but also for the general public and compares the attainment and progress of our pupils against similar schools and all schools nationally.

I hope you find it useful and I am sure you will be as proud as I am of our staff and pupils for all their hard work.


Parents Survey Raffle Winner!

Congratulations to Georgia from Class R who won our Survey raffle! She chose a lovely Frozen book as her prize which I hope she will get lots of pleasure from.

We have had over 140 surveys returned and I will post the results on the website as soon as we have collated them. A huge thank you to everyone who returned the surveys, for your comments and your on-going support.

Parents Survey Raffle Winner!

Maths parent workshop evening-Thursday 5th March 6pm


We will be hosting our first maths parent workshop, which will take place on Thursday 5th March at 6pm.

This session will explore how you can help to support your child in their mathematical reasoning and how to promote resilience and perseverance in a subject that is magical and creative.

We will explain the new expectations in the revised maths curriculum and explain the fundamental changes in the way maths is to be delivered, to enable children to become confident and enthused in their maths career. You will also have the opportunity to work with your child in their classroom on some of the activities that support resilience and mathematical mastery.

A follow-up workshop will take place during the summer term.

Ozzy the Octopus starts a Flash Dance

Lots of fun was had yesterday when our sports cluster mascot Ozzy the Octopus from Opengate arrived in school.

Inspired by Shonette Bason-Wood who is going to replicating the 'Perth Train' flash dance on YouTube Ozzy started dancing and everyone else soon joined in!

There were some brilliant dance moves as we are very lucky to have Miss Elizabeth with us who has recently graduated from a New York University after studying dance for three years.

We wish Shonette the best of luck in her latest venture from all her friends at Smalley!

A massive thank you to Miss Elizabeth for her skill and brilliant coaching and to Ozzy of course. What a brilliant way to end the half term!

Enjoy the video link and pictures below!


Ozzy the Octopus starts a Flash Dance

Ozzy the Octopus starts a Flash Dance

Opengate training at Smalley!

We were proud to host an Opengate Training session this morning for the coaches that come into school.

Our Year two and four classes were able to receive specialist coaching and it was lovely to have all the fabulous coaches from Opengate in school with us all at once.

Our children had two brilliant lessons and we are very grateful to Mr Ozenbrook and the coach Ant.

Opengate training at Smalley!

Opengate training at Smalley!

Opengate training at Smalley!


Last Monday we were very lucky to be visited by Tom fom Partake who brought with him some Roman Artifacts, which we were able to handle and learn about what they were used for.  He told us all about life in the Roman times and helped  Joshua to dress up as an centurion, complete with helmet, shield and sword.  So as not to leave out the young ladies, Emma became a  rich Roman  lady and was adorned with expensive silks and lots of gold jewellery. 

During the session, we learnt how the Romans would march together.  This was very exciting and once the class had mastered marching together, they were put together to become a soldier formation.  Each  soldier had a shield and by working together they had to fend off an attack from a group of barbarians with rocks.  Luckily these rocks where made of foam and so no first aid had to be administered!

To complete the day the children had the opportunity to play Roman games, design their own mosaics and build a working aqueduct.  Everybody had a fun-filled, enjoyable day and Class 4 had a fabulous insight into the Roman way of life.



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Do you wanna build a snowman?!

The snow was pretty rubbish here in Smalley however, we still had lots of fun at breaktime and there was lots of teamwork involved!

Do you wanna build a snowman?!

Do you wanna build a snowman?!

Do you wanna build a snowman?!

Do you wanna build a snowman?!