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Our Easter Chicks

EGGCITING NEWS........ Image


Easter fun in Class 1!

We had a lovely day of Easter fun in Class 1 yesterday. After talking about the tradition of giving eggs at Easter the children decorated their own hard-boiled eggs. We then went out on to the playground for a traditional egg rolling competition. It was a huge success and thoroughly enjoyed by all. Congratulations to our winner, Alfie, and thank you to all of the parents for sending in the eggs.

Fun Day - Saturday 28th March 2015

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Congratulations Mrs Armitage - National Leader of Governance Award

Congratulations to our chair of governors Mrs Armitage who has been awarded with the National Leader of Governance status this week (NLG). We are incredibly proud of Mrs Armitage and her leadership of our governors and are delighted that this has been recognised with a National Award that very few are able to attain. It is another great example of us sharing our practice as part of the systems leadership agenda.

On the government website it states that National Leaders of Governors are:


National leaders of governance are highly effective chairs of governors who use their

skills and experience to support another chair of governors to improve school and

academy performance.


National leaders of governance have contributed to raising

standards in their own school or academy by providing

appropriate support and challenge to their headteacher or

principal and by developing their governing body.


All national leaders of governance have had training in coaching

and mentoring and have at least three years’ experience as chair

within the last five years.


They aim to supplement existing sources of school-to-school

support for governance offered by local authorities, dioceses,

trusts and other partners.


In some situations, national leaders of governance may work

alongside national leaders of education and local leaders of



Sarah Armitage

What a fantastic half term year 6.......Happy Easter!

Another action-packed term.....enjoy our journey for this half term....






Year 6 proudly present....Smalley News...!!!!


Sharing Smalley practice!

Mrs Domkowicz spoke today at The Derbyshire Computing Conference. The title of her workshop was 'Inspiring learners through the use of iPads.'

She ran four workshops for teachers, headteachers and teaching and learning consultants from across Derbyshire that were attended by over 75 people! Delegates were buzzing and she received wonderful feedback.

A massive thank you to Mrs Domkowicz for sharing her practice in this way. In the last 12 months Smalley staff have led workshops at the Reading, Maths and Pupil Premium Conference. Mrs Armitage and I also led four governor briefings. As well as this we often have staff from other schools that come to Smalley to learn from our staff and observe their lessons.

This highlights what a strong and talented team we have at Smalley and we are incredibly lucky.

Enjoy the pictures below!

Sharing Smalley practice!

Sharing Smalley practice!

Sharing Smalley practice!

Sharing Smalley practice!

Sharing Smalley practice!


Phase 5 Letters & Sounds with Mrs Smith & Miss Thompson


We have been looking at the alternative spellings of O (o, oe, oa, o_e, ow). Can you remember any of the words that we have learnt?

We've also been spelling words: little, one, do, what and out.

Please find attached the first 100 key words which we are learning to read and spell throughout the week.

Download 100 most common words

Download Phase5_hf_words


Jumping for Joy!

Class 2 loved using the new skipping ropes today as we skipped, skipped and skipped some more. Skipping helps to keep our heart healthy. Image

Friendship Survey


 The children in all year groups were recently involved in a school friendship survey. As you may be aware our 'Friendship Week' was in the Autumn Term and continuing on from this we have been promoting positive relationships across the school.

As part of this ongoing initiative the children's data was collected and analysed. Reception children and Class 1 spoke about friendships and their data was collected through circle time and verbal discussions and Classes 2-6 completed a written response.

The following is a summary of our findings:

  • A very high percentage of pupils felt safe in the classroom, on the playground and going to and from school.
  • The majority of pupils never spend playtimes alone and the ones that indicated occasionally they did have been spoken to individually and issues addressed in a positive and nurturing way.

As part of our British Values in school we always listen to each other's opinions. Our children are made aware of our differences, tolerating others and being kind and caring towards each other.

We have many visitors in our school each week for a variety of reasons ( Teaching and Learning consultants, prospective parents, volunteers, outside agencies, members of the community and school governors) . We pride ourselves on the comments we receive about our warm welcome and the friendly atmosphere which helps us to create a caring environment for your children.

Finally, we are thrilled with the hugely positive response from our survey and as an ongoing commitment to your children we strive to promote a happy, safe and friendly environment here at Richardson Endowed Primary.

Thank you for supporting us.