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Creative homework with a twist!!

Class 5, here is your creative homework task for this week:

If January is the answer,

what is the question?

Please post 3 possible questions in your comments below.  I will read them before I put them live onto the website and let you know if they are original.  

Original thoughts are accepted, repeats are deleted!  

Your homework aim is to have 3 original questions published on the school website......how many days will it take to complete so that every member of Class 5 has 3 original published questions?

Good luck - this is your mission, if you wish to accept it!

On your marks, get set.................



Pop in to see!

Class 5 have been working so very hard writing their 'Out of this World' information leaflets, using Publisher on the laptops.  Please pop into top school next week after 3.20 to come and see the children's super display in the entrance corridor.

Letters and Sounds phase 6

Adding 'ing' to verbs has been our theme this week.

We have looked at words which just add 'ing' and words which have to double the last letter before adding the 'ing'.

Can you write the rules below? Earn a merit if you can.


Earn another merit by telling us 5 words which double the last letter before adding 'ing'.


Good luck!

Love is in the air in class 6- Where is Romeo?

We have been creating our own love poems this week and what amazing poetry we have produced!Songs have been produced, love letters and personified poems. Amazing!




We love the Beano!!!!

We have become comic-makers in class 6 this week and over the half term will be producing our very own 'Beano comic' We have been free-hand drawing...what do you think?


Phase Three Letters and Sounds with Miss Hill

This week Phase Three have been working really hard on learning not only new sounds but also new tricky words.

Our new sounds for this week are -

ai, ee, oa, oo

Our new tricky words for this week are - 

we, me and be

Can you think of an interesting sentence that has a tricky word in?

Good luck!


Helping with multiplication facts!

We browsed the web today to find useful website to help us with our multiplication facts.

Here's a link to use the websites at home:

Download Try these websites

Please try and practise your times table speed at home this week as part of your homework - I know some of you have been already.  Thank you for helping yourself and being super independent learners.


Class 4 Spellings Week Beginning 26/01/15

Here are the spellings for this week.


Download 26.01.15


Jiving in Class 5!

It was great to walk into the hall this afternoon and see our Year 5's dancing the jive together. They showed off some fabulous moves and I was glad to pick up some tips.

A massive thank you to Miss Elizabeth from Opengate for her wonderful coaching.

Jiving in Class 5!

Jiving in Class 5!

Jiving in Class 5!

Jiving in Class 5!

Jiving in Class 5!

Opengate training at Smalley!

We were proud to host an Opengate Training session this morning for the coaches that come into school.

Our Year two and four classes were able to receive specialist coaching and it was lovely to have all the fabulous coaches from Opengate in school with us all at once.

Our children had two brilliant lessons and we are very grateful to Mr Ozenbrook and the coach Ant.

Opengate training at Smalley!

Opengate training at Smalley!

Opengate training at Smalley!