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Locust Looking!

Our Super Scientists in Class 5 have been looking at the wide range of lifecycles and learning about the differences between mammals, birds, amphibians and invertebrates.

We have been comparing the lifecycle of a caterpillar to the lifecycle of a grasshopper and locust.

Mrs Shelton kindly brought in some locust specimens.  We were all fascinated to see the difference between the creatures in their first instar and then in their fifth instar.  We made careful observations of the creatures - they indeed brought excitement and enthusiasm to our lesson (including a little reluctance to get too close for some!).


Children in Class 5 - can you write some similarities or differences between the lifecycle of a locust and a caterpillar? Or perhaps a caterpillar or locust fact? 

You'll earn a merit for your contributions.

Brilliant idea!

Ooh how I did smile when Grace showed me how she was going to make sure she didn't lose her gorgeous gloves this year.....with a little help from Gran, Grace had made a loom band strap complete with buttons - GENIUS! Thank you for your fabulous idea Grace. Image

£1026.47 for CLIC Sargent

Following the very successful coffee morning, organised by Mrs Evans, representatives from the charity CLIC Sargent were invited to our assembly to receive the money that was raised - a staggering £1026.47! Image
The ladies told the children about where the money would go and how it would help families in lots of ways. Image
Thank you again for your wonderful community support http://www.clicsargent.org.uk


Tasty homework!

Thank you Class 2 for all of your super homework this half term.  You have worked really hard over the 6 weeks and produced some very tasty recipe cards!


We are now making all of your recipes into a Class Two Cook Book and you'll soon be able to take it home to try out some of the delicious recipes.

Thank you Mummys, Daddys and Grandparents for supervising the making and tasting!  We've all certainly enjoyed the tasty treats in the classroom.

Pumpkin carving in class 6....our newest additions to the class!!!!


What a busy final week!

We have been rehearsing for our remembrance service with Mrs. Mason and finding out about those brave soldiers who fought during both world wars and those soldiers who continue to serve our country today.

We have also been finding out about the history of Halloween and it's origin in religion, with the celts, and how the name Halloween came to be. Halloween is celebrated differently throughout the world and has a slightly different meaning in some countries.

We used our carving techniques to carve pumpkins and made a great job....introducing our newest members to class 6!



Newsletter Issue 21


Our latest newsletter can be found below by clicking on the attached link.


Spooky baking in Class R!

In Class R we have been getting ready for Halloween by creating Halloween pictures, using our senses to explore real pumpkins and also making spooky pumpkin biscuits. The children had a lovely time designing their pumpkin biscuit and choosing their toppings to make it look as spooky as possible. Well done Class R!


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Letters & Sounds with Mrs Reckless & Mrs Boole

Children have enjoyed looking at the Phonics Play website and revisiting some of the sounds from phase 5 and phase 6 that we have been looking at this half term. 

Please have a look at the following links over the holidays:




Let us know which one was your favourite.

Class R Phase Two Letters and Sounds

Dear Parents/Carers,

We are now sending home Letters and Sounds books each Friday to help your child practise the sounds we are learning each week in school. To support your child’s learning please encourage them to practise the sounds and actions at home. Your child may also want to practise writing the sound or words containing that sound in the space provided on each page.  Please check the school website for Phase Two Letters and Sounds for further updates and information. Please ensure that your child’s book is returned to school each Thursday in preparation for the next sound.

I am pleased to report the children have done a fantastic job at lining up in the morning with the rest of the school. In order for this stage in their development to continue after half term we are asking all parents to drop off your child at the gate and wait outside of the school gates. As always members of staff will be on duty at both gates and in the playground from 8.50am.

Many thanks  

Miss Hill


Governors Development Workshop

It was a pleasure to welcome Rachel Watson to our governing body last night as our newest Parent Governor. Rachel will be a great asset to the team. Thanks to all parents who cast a vote in the recent election - a fantastic turn out, better than a general election!

We met to carry out some development activity to ensure we are geared up for the year ahead. This included getting organised for visits into school to look at important aspects of our school improvement plan.

We also audited our own skills and carried out a self-evaluation to check where we may need to get better as a governing body.

Thanks to all governors and our Clerk, Stacey Hudson for enthusiastic input!