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29 posts from June 2014


Raffle Prize List - Summer Fayre 2014

Download Raffle prize list Summer 2014


Exciting new playground designs!

The school council held a meeting on 18th June to look at and discuss plans for developing an area of the playground. We had two designs to look at and decide which we liked the most. Both designs were very good and the equipment looked great! They were both very similar however one was slightly cheaper. Our favourite was designed by Red Monkey, the company we used to design and build the reception playground. We look forward to seeing it completed.


Summer Fayre 2014

More photos from the Summer Fayre of the Hotshots, hook a duck and the brilliant storm trooper that joined us! A huge thank you again to all!

Summer Fayre 2014

Summer Fayre 2014

Summer Fayre 2014


Class 4 spellings for week beginning 23rd June 2014

Download 23.06.14


Summer Fayre 2014

Summer Fayre 2014 was a brilliant success and what fabulous weather we had.

The children did a fabulous job of opening the Fayre with their beautiful singing. The crowd of parents, grandparents and friends were about five deep. How wonderful for the event to be so well supported as usual.

There was a range of fabulous stalls as usual, the cakes for example were gorgeous and sold out within an hour.

Also, our year 5 children raised over £50 with their loom bands stall!

The staff manned the BBQ and refreshments, the BBQ was definitely busier than Mcdonalds with queues stretching the length of the playground! A huge thank you to all the staff that attended.

Hot House jazz band the 'Smalley Hotshots' then entertained us with a stunning performance of a number of well known tracks.

Finally, a massive £1354.83 was raised which is a stunning amount. This will be spent wisely to improve resources for children in our school. Therefore, I would like to say a huge thank you to all involved, especially the PTFA who have given up their time to plan, organise and put on such a great event.

More photos to follow!

Summer Fayre 2014

Summer Fayre 2014

Summer Fayre 2014

Summer Fayre 2014


Classroom update - June 2014

Here are some of the latest pictures of our classroom building.

Mrs Reckless and I were lucky enough to have a quick tour.

It is looking superb and we are very excited about moving in for September!

Classroom update - June 2014

Classroom update - June 2014

Classroom update - June 2014

Classroom update - June 2014

Classroom update - June 2014


Geography fieldwork trip for year 5

A fantastic day of outdoor learning at Holmebrook Park, where we developed our map reading skills and enjoyed River investigations. Class 5 were a pleasure to take and a credit to Smalley School.


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Singing al fresco - wow!

It was a real pleasure today to go outside at playtime as the children were singing beautifully ready to open the Summer Fayre this Saturday.

I could have sat and listened to them all day and it is no surprise that the sun has come out this afternoon!

If you get the opportunity please do not pass up the chance to hear the lovely singing this Saturday! They will open the Summer Fayre at 12:00 noon.

I think it may be a good idea to have singing outside every day Mrs Mason?

Beautiful children, it made my day. thank you.

Singing al fresco - wow!

Singing al fresco - wow!


Magna Visit

 Thank you to all of Class 3 for a wonderful trip to Magna today.

We had the morning to look around at the different areas: Earth, Water, Fire and Air. Then, this afternoon we were looking at how a volcanoe's lava spreads and the way it travels in different directions. After that we looked at how lava crystallizes to form rock and we sorted different types of rocks depending on their features. We even found a rock that was magnetic. Can anybody name this rock? If you can (and you are one of the first 5 people to get it correct) you may collect a housepoint from Mrs Brady.

  • 20140616_103712
  • 20140616_103731
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  • 20140616_112002
  • 20140616_113119
  • 20140616_113138
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Our Park Trip

Class 3, I have finally been able to upload our photographs from our wonderful park trip. Enjoy.


  • 20140514_142724
  • 20140514_142737
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  • 20140514_142825
  • 20140514_142849
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  • 20140514_143453
  • 20140514_143509
  • 20140514_143540
  • 20140514_143716
  • 20140514_143733
  • 20140514_143755
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  • 20140514_144433
  • 20140514_144503
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