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The Giraffe, the Pelly and Me: 9/10

Book Review By Class 3


Title: The Giraffe, the Pelly and Me.

Author: Roald Dahl

Illustrator: Quentin Blake


The Giraffe, the Pelly and Me is a humorous adventure story set in a busy town with a Grubber and Hampshire House. It is a fun, exciting and adventurous story. The themes include friendship, jobs and rewards for helping others.

            The main characters are Billy, Pelly, Monkey, Giraffe and the Duke. My favourite character was the Giraffe because he has a magic neck but I didn’t have a least favourite character because the book was so good! If I could, I would ride on the Giraffe and slide down her neck for fun!

            The minor characters were the robber, the police, the gardener, the chauffeur and the Duchess. I thought the policeman was a good character because he gave you more information about the robber.

            Billy dreams of owning a Grubber (which is a sweet shop) but he realises that somebody tall has moved in. There is a brand new sign on the door of the Grubber advertising the Ladderless Window Cleaning Company (or LWCC for short). Billy becomes best friends with the new owners and they have a very exciting adventure in the town.

            I would definitely recommend this book to a friend because the story is exciting, adventurous, has an interesting plot and magical characters.

            I would give this book 9/10!


A special thank you to Miss Turner who has been coming into school this half term to work with children in Year 1 and Year 2.

Our children have learnt some super techniques for travelling, jumping, rolling, stretching and balancing.




Thank you to the children who have attended our after school Gymnastic club on a Monday afternoon too.

31st March 2014 Class 4 Spellings

Download 31..03.14


Happy Mummy's day x

Here are a few special messages for all you special mummies out there!

Have a lovely day!





Bye bye dinosaurs!

Team 2 have loved their

dinosaur and fossil fortnight!

We've learnt so much about these prehistoric creatures and thought of so many interesting questions to investigate.

IMG_0433You never know where a dinosaur might appear, as Jack found out today!

Until the next time we meet.........

Please post any wow facts that you find

or have found out.  

There's a merit to be gained

if you can post 2 comments.

Gold Book - well done!

Thank you Team 2 for all of your hard on telling the time this week.  Our aim was to make sure we could recognise o'clock, half past, quarter past and know what was 15 minutes before and after these.




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  • IMG_0423

A special thank you to these children who

appeared in the Gold Book on Friday.

Well done!


The Dangers of Electricity

Team 2 have enjoyed learning about where electricity comes from and some of the dangers.  The children have also been researching how to keep themselves safe when near electricity.

Here you are children - here are the links to the websites that you requested:






Enjoy exploring.......

Thank you TTS

Wow - what a lovely surprise we all got on Thursday morning - in the children's words...... a lovely, nice,  new, squashy, super soft, bright and attractive rug!





Thank you so much TTS, we love it.


Studying Shakespeare

The story of Macbeth told in collage by the children of class 5 Image

Climbing Club

Climbing Poetry


Elyse climbs first, Heidi secures her on the wall,

Harness’s checked, she climbs so tall.

Mark shouts, “Where’s your sports car steam?”

Here we all are, working in a team.

Heidi climbs second, she climbs so high,

She tries so hard she can touch the sky.

Amelie makes sure she checks her rope,

She’s nice and warm in her purple coat.

Leonie pulls hard on the belay,

“I’m going to get to the top!” she might say.

Max keeps the helmet on his head,

When they reach the bottom they all look like they’re dead.

Matthew checks his harness is secure and tight,

It definitely is, to get out is such a fight.

James grabs the bright, colourful hand hold,

Nearly time for home before we get cold.

Today is over, we’ve enjoyed our lesson,

We can’t wait for next week’s session.