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Look at the hailstones!

Perfect timing for the hailstones to turn up on our compound word day!  

The playground disappeared under all of the ice balls!

Thank you Ewan for taking the photograph.


Symmetry Spotting!

Thank you Team 2 - your symmetrical patterns that you created today were SUPERB!  The thinking that you did in your pairs was a pleasure to see and exciting to be part of.


  • IMG_0001
  • IMG_0002
  • IMG_0003
  • IMG_0004
  • IMG_0005
  • IMG_0006
  • IMG_0007
  • IMG_0008
  • IMG_0011
  • IMG_0012
  • IMG_0013
  • IMG_0014
  • IMG_0015
  • IMG_0018
  • IMG_0020
  • IMG_0021
  • IMG_0022
  • IMG_0023
  • IMG_0024
  • IMG_0034
  • IMG_0036
  • IMG_0039


Looking forward to exploring further tomorrow.......

Compound words

tossing the pancake animation

Hold on tight Team 2 as we launch into the world of 'COMPOUND WORD SPOTTING'!


Here is the link to the interactive games which we will be using!




Here is the powerpoint that we will be using in class - can you guess the different compound words?

Download Compound_Words_MS

Can you think of any other compound words?

Create a post with twenty compound words in and receive a merit - good luck!


Climbing Club is Back!

Well done to all of our climbers today, you all did a fabulous job!


  • 100_3439
  • 100_3441
  • 100_3442
  • 100_3444
  • 100_3443
  • 100_3445
  • 100_3446
  • 100_3447
  • 100_3448
  • 100_3449
  • 100_3450
  • 100_3451
  • 100_3454
  • 100_3455
  • 100_3457
  • 100_3459
  • 100_3460
  • 100_3462



Now - is it 's' or 'es'?


In Phase 6 Letters and Sounds we have been exploring plurals (more than one) and trying to work out whether we need to add just an 's' or an 'es'.


Here are some of the things we discovered:


"If it sounds like 'ers' then it's 'es' - like in foxes,"


"If it ends in an 's' or 'ss' then add 'es' to the end,"


" Oooh bench and church both end in 'ch' so add an 'es',"


"Words which end in 'zz', 'sh', 'x' all need the 'es' adding to the end when we are making it plural,"




Which nouns can you think of which

have 'es' added to them?


Wow! Wow! Wow!

Mrs Rhodes and I were thrilled with the standard of the creative bird homework that was set for Year 2 children this half term.  It was evident that the children had spent a huge amount of time on their projects.  The children loved sharing their work with each other and showing it in Gold Book assembly. It was really lovely to hear all the things that the children had learnt whilst working on their projects -thank you mummys, daddys, brothers, sisters, grans, grandpas, aunties and uncles for all your support too.

Mrs Rhodes and I can't wait to make a display of your fabulous work Team 2.  

Thank you.


Sports Award for Mrs Rawlings


 What a lovely surprise for Mrs Rawlings in our Gold Book assembly.

In recognition of Mrs Rawling's committment to sport, the Amber Valley Cluster of schools have named a special award after her.  The 'Ceri Rawlings Trophy' will be the prize for the school who win the Year 1 and 2 Basketball competition.

Thank you Mrs Rawlings and well done

- we're hoping to see the trophy at our school soon.


5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Blast Off!!

In our topic lessons we have been learning about our planet Earth and space. We made rockets in class and braved the cold, rain and wind today to launch them.

John from Brite sparks came in to school to lead the activity and the children really enjoyed taking part. We talked about whose rocket went the furthest, whose went fast, and we used positional language to talk about where they landed. Some went as far as the bottom playground beyond the shelter! 

A big thank you to John for working with the children to day!

  • SAM_3595
  • SAM_3590
  • SAM_3596
  • SAM_3597
  • SAM_3610
  • SAM_3600
  • SAM_3601
  • SAM_3602
  • SAM_3603


Class 3's Revolting Recipes

You disgusting lot!

  • 100_3420
  • 100_3421
  • 100_3422
  • 100_3423
  • 100_3424
  • 100_3425
  • 100_3426
  • 100_3427
  • 100_3428
  • 100_3429
  • 100_3430
  • 100_3431
  • 100_3432
  • 100_3432
  • 100_3434
  • 100_3436
  • 100_3437


Creative Homework

Creative homework this week is the Winter Olympics. Lucky you for having so much time to prepare it. I cannot wait to see them!